Have they killed language immersion ?, by Joan Mena

This Tuesday we learned about a ruling (not a ruling) from the Supreme Court that does not admit a cassation appeal from the government of the Generalitat de Catalunya against a ruling from the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia that imposed the use of Spanish as a vehicular language in 25% of the educational curriculum. It is a new attempt by the judicial right of end the Catalan school model which is nothing other than a frontal attack on social cohesion and equal opportunities.

The ruling of the Supreme Court responds to the legislative framework of the LOMCE, the ‘Wert law’. Fortunately, and after many struggles in the educational community, several strikes by teachers and families, and the arrival of a progressive coalition government that came with multinational alliances, this law was repealed and replaced by the LOMLOE. The legislative framework has changed and it has changed substantially. The new organic law on education makes it clear that the competent educational administrations are, in our case the Department of Education, responsible for determining the language regime of our educational model. And, above all, it is the education law of Catalonia that also shields the linguistic regime in our centers through the immersion model. There is no doubt. The LOMLOE would have to cancel this providence of the Supreme.

Now, administrations have to be responsible and rigorous. The Ministry of Education does not have to execute this resolution, understanding that the competence lies with the Government of the Generalitat, and make the LOMLOE prevail, which, in addition, is the law of the majority of the Congress of Deputies because it was approved with 177 votes in favor. We can affirm, therefore, that the majority of the popular sovereignty of Spain defends and endorses the model of linguistic immersion of Catalonia. And the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya has to defend the LEC in its title on the linguistic regime. Our model has a social majority, a political majority and also a pedagogical majority that defends it and has been shown to be successful because students leave the compulsory schooling stage with double competence in Spanish and Catalan, which, in reality, should be the focus of this debate.

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It is suspicious that this order of the Supreme is made public when the coalition government is about to approve some Budgets with a very broad progressive and multinational majority and when we have agreed also shield Catalan in the future audiovisual law. Coincidences don’t exist in politics. It cannot be that the Supreme Court intends to replace the legislative. Congress approved a law with the majorities required for an organic law and the Supreme Court cannot now come to modify this law because it would be a conflict of competences between the legislative power and the judicial power. What the courts have to do is ensure compliance with the laws and not want to change them through the back door. I want to convey a clear message to Catalanism that defends the Catalan model: do not divide us. There are two weakest links here: the Socialists and the Junts. The socialists They would not have to listen to the siren songs of the Spanish right and remember Marta Mata and the reason for the origin of a model who was born in towns like Santa Coloma de Gramenet. AND Together You should not be tempted, as you did with the LOMLOE debate, to use this issue to open a new space for confrontation with the progressive government and also with the ERC. If they do it, we would lose all. Now is the time to defend immersion because we have arguments of all kinds: political, pedagogical and social.

Therefore, the question is clear: have they killed the language immersion? Clearly not. It will only die if it does it alone, as a result of the lack of need in the country. Now instead is more necessary than ever. We have an increasingly diverse and plural country, with more languages ​​that coexist, that have to come together and the school is the ideal institution to do so. Contrary to what they would like, they have not killed her because she is wearing a breastplate that is the ideological transversality that defends it and the firm will of the educational community that applies it every day to the classrooms because it is a fundamental tool for social cohesion and equal opportunities.


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