Hard blow to the countryside, youth and civil society

Last week, MORENA and her allies again demonstrated their intolerance, incongruity and incompetence. Without moving him a single comma, after hundreds of reservations presented by the opposition bloc, they approved the rules of the game to collect taxes in 2022. These reforms not only go against the principles of Q4 but are a serious blow to the field, young people and civil society organizations.

First. Field

With a single stroke of the pen, Q4 approved the elimination of the Regime for Agricultural, Livestock, Forestry and Fishing Activities for individuals, inviting small producers to join the new Simplified Regime of Trust.

Until today, a small producer who is dedicated to the field could be exempt from taxes up to $ 1.4 million, however, with the new reform, this amount is reduced to $ 900 thousand. That is, with the incorporation of this new regime, our farmers, producers and ranchers will be forced to lose fiscal and administrative incentives and would have to pay up to $ 400 thousand more a year in taxes, in addition to limiting them to participate in any type of association, union credit union or cooperative.

If only these taxes will be allocated to our primary sector, but let us remember that the constant has been the lack of support from the Federal Government to the countryside, which from 2018 to date has been cut by more than 40%. In short, this policy means: less budget and more taxes.

Second. Young

Without sense or reason, the 4T will now force young people to register with the Federal Taxpayers Registry from the moment they reach the age of majority, regardless of whether they generate income or not.

This not only has logistical implications for low-income youth or those living in underserved areas, but also carries fiscal risks in the form of fines of up to $ 11,000 to which they could be credited. There is also no doubt that the reason for this measure is electoral, since what the Government seeks is to have a taxpayer base to generate its own registry and inflate the numbers accordingly.

Third. Civil society organizations

This was the most discussed issue, a poisoned apple presented as a reform that will limit the deductibility of the resources that, as Mexicans, we can donate to civil society organizations. Today, more than 5 thousand organizations will lose close to $ 8.3 billion as a consequence of this reform; citizen organizations dedicated to helping citizens on issues such as health, entrepreneurship and access to justice.

In a country where there are plenty of causes in need of support and, fortunately, there is a shared solidarity, saying no to philanthropy is a real disgrace that leaves those most in need unprotected.

I insist, the rights of taxpayers should not be separated from their rights as individuals. What is being done today with rural producers, young people and their families and the vulnerable population, is to reduce their margin of development and limit their rights.

With this discussion, the MORENA Parliamentary Group finally recognized that it was an “official part” of the Federal Government, something that has no place in the democratic Mexico that we all deserve. I hope that they reconsider and that, in a few days that they discuss the Expenditure Budget, they really look out for the good of Mexico.

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Soraya Perez


Between Numbers

Former President of the Federation of Associations of Economists of the Mexican Republic AC


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