Halloween: 10 movies and series to have a scary time at home

  • We selected a dozen proposals of the most recent genre fiction, all of them available in streaming, ideal for setting the gloomy (and festive) night of trick or treating as it deserves.

Halloween has arrived and the different platforms are filled with specific content for these dates that include classics of all time, series and specials. Here we select, in alphabetical order, some of the fictions that have been released during this 2021 and that can be enjoyed at home for a good night marathon. Zombies, ‘psychokillers’, demonic possessions, mutant grasshoppers, malevolent entities and aliens with fine hearing. A representation of how (much) the genre has given itself in recent months in which we find surprises and also established names such as James Wan, Zack Snyder or Mike Flanagan.

‘Blood Red Sky’ (Peter Thorwarth, 2021)

One of Netflix’s small bombings of this 2021 was this modest and effective German production capable of combining, there is nothing, international terrorism and the fantasy genre. In ‘Blood Red Sky’, a young woman suffering from a strange blood disease travels with her young son to New York for a medical appointment. The problem is that in the transoceanic flight there is a group of terrorists who intend to destabilize the world economy. The best thing about the film is its high hemoglobin climax, halfway between the claustrophobic horror of “Snakes on the Plane” and the frenzied bites of “Train to Busan.” Available on Netflix.

‘Army of the Dead’ (Zack Snyder, 2021)

17 years ago, Zack Snyder revitalized the zombie genre thanks to his particular version of ‘Dawn of the Dead’, the George A. Romero classic, which he gave a new dimension to. Now, after specializing in superhero cinema, he returns to his origins in this production in which he regains his playful and rogue spirit after much more concentrated times. The result is an authentic party that, as happened in Romero’s films, contains a metaphor of the world we live in, borders, individualism and parent-child relationships, on this occasion, as a tribute to the loss of Snyder’s daughter after his suicide. Available on Netflix.

‘The Warren File: Forced by the devil’ (Michael Chaves, 2021)

The third installment of the saga starring the most famous marriage of horror film parapsychologists brought some news, such as James Wan leaving the direction, leaving the reins of the project to Michael Chaves. In addition, they opted for a more detective format and for a greater presence of the character of Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) to fight against a demonic curse. Thus, haunted houses, spirits and ghosts, gave way to an intrigue about possessions made through spells and macabre incantations in which the love story between the Warren is placed above all. Available at Movistar +. Rent on Apple TV +, Rakuten TV, Google Play, Microsoft Store and Prime Video.

‘The street of terror’ (Leigh Janiak, 2021)

Surely, the most refreshing of the ten proposals here: a fabulous tribute to the ‘slasher’, witches and youth terror in the form of a movie trilogy -or miniseries of three long chapters, depending on how you look at it-. ‘The street of terror’ is inspired by the novels of RL Stine (author of ‘Nightmares’) and its action takes place in a single place, but at different moments in time (1994, 1978 and 1666). The story follows a group of teenagers who try to rid themselves of the evil influence of an ancient witch who has caused terrible murders and accidents throughout the history of the town. A fast pastiche, almost joyous, of murder, witchcraft, paranormal forces and, of course, high school loves. Available on Netflix.

‘La nube’ (Just Philippot, 2020)

The ecoterror has been taking hold in recent years as a harbinger of the catastrophe of civilization. Nature against man as a way to regain the ground that has been taken from him. ‘The cloud’ introduces us to a seemingly idyllic but apocalyptic scenario, in which a widowed woman and mother of two children tries to run a grasshopper farm that will begin to mutate into a vampiric species. In his debut feature, Just Philippot addresses atavistic fear through an atmospheric tension that also includes the physical and bodily terror between Hitchcock and Cronenberg. Available at Movistar +.

‘Maligno’ (James Wan, 2021)

And the madness came with James Wan. The director shows that he is capable of establishing a canon around contemporary horror thanks to his ‘Insidious’ or ‘Warren File’ saga, to blow up all the borders that he himself has created to make an extremely free and personal film, a tribute to the giallo in its texture and shapes and a creepy, slasher-shaped psychological thriller in which terror is as stylized as it is shocking, as grotesque as it is hilarious. A true carousel of atrocities that plunges us into the darkest part of the human mind and its most monstrous dimension. Available at Movistar +. Rent on Apple TV +, Rakuten TV, Google Play, Microsoft Store and Prime Video.

‘Midnight Mass’ (Mike Flanagan, 2021)

“Like a ‘Manchester by the sea’ reviewed by Stephen King & rdquor ;. Hard to find a better way to describe the highly personal work of Mike Flanagan (‘The Curse of Hill House’, ‘Doctor Sleep’) than that of Juan Manuel Freire on these very pages. A solemn human drama about redemption and guilt set in a small island community, where a young local arrives to serve his parole, at the same time as a mysterious religious who must replace the sick owner. They are seven episodes of simmered biblical terror, full of reflections and sermons on religious fanaticism, God and the human being capable of shrinking the soul. Available on Netflix.


‘New cherry flavor’ (Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion, 2021)

The new miniseries from Nick Antosca, creator of the monumental ‘Channel Zero’, is a fever dream as disturbing as it is unclassifiable. Set in Los Angeles in the 90s, it tells the story of a young aspiring film director who seeks revenge on a producer who has stolen her film after not giving in to sexual extortion. From here, the eight-episode miniseries travels to a strange supernatural world full of demons, spells and bizarre imagery unmatched in current genre fiction. Something like seeing ‘Mulholland Drive’ crossed on a bad night with ‘The neon demon’ and ‘Kill Bill’. Available on Netflix.

‘The empty man’ (David Prior, 2020)

This year’s great damn movie. After the purchase of 20th Century Fox by Disney, it was stored in a drawer and was released undercover on platforms. There we discovered a portentous work halfway between ‘folk horror’, popular legends, macabre mythology and high-density metaphysical terror. The film takes us from Bhutan, where an evil (and mystical) entity awakens, to the present day through a Fincherian investigation that introduces us to a dark and disturbing universe, with a suffocating atmospheric power, full of ideas and shocking images. Available on Disney +. Rent on Apple TV +, Rakuten TV, Google Play and Prime Video.

‘A Quiet Place 2’ (John Krasinski, 2021)

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John Krasinki’s previous film became an immediate classic of the genre thanks to its premise, that of silent horror. The noise woke up an alien species that had taken over the planet and the protagonists had to survive without emitting sounds that would betray them. In this new installment, the same scheme is maintained when working with tension: any creaking noise becomes a disturbing element, a generator of discomfort. The director recreates a unique universe, halfway between intimate drama and post-apocalyptic landscape, full of magnetic scenes in which scares always have a reason for being. Available at Movistar +. Rent on Apple TV +, Rakuten TV, Google Play, Microsoft Store and Prime Video.


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