Hallan muerto to Moses J. Moseley, actor of ‘The Walking Dead’

Moses J. Moseley, actor known for his participation in series like ‘The Walking Deado ‘Watchmen’, ha failed until the 31st year. Según ‘Variety’, the body of the actor fue found by the authorities of Stockbridge (Georgia, United States). An investigation is underway to determine the cause of his death.

Its failure was confirmed by Avery Sisters Entertainment, its representative agency. “With great joy in the race, at Avery Sisters Entertainment we offer ours more sincere and profound condolences to the family and friends of our actor, Moses J. Moseley. We are really saddened. For those who know him, he is the person amable, sweet and generous. You save a lot of money! Relax in the sky “, said the communicator.

“Our thoughts and assessments are with our member of the family of ‘The Walking Dead’, Moses J. Moseley”, can be read in the official account of ‘The Walking Dead’ on Twitter.

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Moseley began working as an actor and model in the principles of the decade of 2010. He made occasional appearances in titles such as ‘Las chicas del coro’, ‘Los becarios’ or ‘Los juegos del hambre: En llamas’. In 2012, ‘The Walking Dead’ was joined by one of the campers that Michonne (Danai Gurira) always had to defend.

Tras participates in the production, also acted in titles such as ‘American Soul’, ‘Queen of the South’, ‘Loose Screws’ or ‘Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories’. Appearance in an episode of ‘Watchmen’ interpreting the Usher. Its most recent work dates to 2021, when it had a small role in a Tales chapter. Holds the training tracks ‘Check-In’, ‘Hank’, ‘Cadillac Respect’ and ‘Descending’.


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