The leaders of the member states of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) decided on Wednesday (September 8th) to suspend Guinea from the organization’s decision-making bodies, a minister participating in the summit said. who kept a distance.

ECOWAS “Has decided to suspend Guinea from all its decision-making bodies, and asks that these decisions be endorsed by the African Union and the United Nations”, declared in Ouagadougou the Burkinabé Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alpha Barry. However, he did not mention economic sanctions.

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In addition, a “High level mission” should be sent Thursday to Guinea “To discuss with the new authorities”. At the end of this mission of an unspecified duration, ECOWAS will re-examine its positions, he also said.

The “immediate release” of Alpha Condé demanded

ECOWAS leaders “Demanded respect for the physical integrity of President Alpha Condé”, overthrown by the putschists on Sunday, his “Immediate release” as well as that of all those arrested, he added. They also claim that the military “Put in place a process which allows a return to normal constitutional order to be achieved very quickly”, he concluded.

ECOWAS thus finds itself in a situation comparable to the one it experienced after the August 2020 putsch in neighboring Mali. She then suspended the country from the organization, but also took economic sanctions, such as stopping trade except for basic necessities, and closing borders. These sanctions had been lifted following the commitment of the Malian soldiers on the path of a transition of eighteen months maximum, to return power to civilian leaders resulting from elections.

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On Sunday, soldiers led by the head of special forces, Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, overthrew the power of President Alpha Condé, whose third term was particularly controversial. No deaths linked to the putsch have been officially reported. But Guinean media have reported ten to twenty dead in the ranks of the presidential guard, information unverifiable due to lack of access to hospitals.

Special forces say they acted to end “Financial mismanagement” and at “Trampling of citizens’ rights”. They dissolved the government and the institutions, and abolished the Constitution that had been amended and adopted by Mr. Condé in 2020 to run for re-election after two terms, despite months of blood-suppressed protest.

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