Guillermo Rosales, new president of the AMDA

Guillermo Rosales Zarate was appointed new executive president of the Mexican Association of Automotive Distributors (AMDA), after Guillermo Prieto Treviño He resigned from office last week.

Rosales Zárate is challenged to face the semiconductor shortage crisis that has led to a lack of inventory in the automotive industry.

This Tuesday, Fernando Lascurain was also elected by the AMDA board of directors as general director.

“The crisis that we are facing today in the automotive market is sui generis in nature, added to the supply shock is the slow, discontinuous and uneven recovery of consumers’ purchasing power,” said the incoming president of AMDA.

Rosales promised to work with more conviction, intelligence and perseverance.

“The outlook is not promising; however, under this circumstance from AMDA we are obliged ”, he said.

Guillermo Rosales Zárate and Fernando Lascurain Farell They have collaborated in AMDA since 2004 and until this day they held the position of Deputy Director General, since it disappears in the new structure approved by the Governing Board of the organization.

He highlighted the consolidation of AMDA as a corporate representative body that enjoys public recognition.

“This is the consequence of 76 years of work by hundreds of automotive distribution entrepreneurs committed to union participation and the work of their collaborators,” he said.

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