Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge delays the group

The cat (or the tomcat) is finally out of the bag. If Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge has not yet been vaccinated, it is not (he tells us) because he is against vaccines … is that he is waiting for the Medicago vaccine.

If he wants to do a “buy local”, like shopping local buying cucumbers, I have some news. Medicago is majority owned … by Mitsubishi!


Have you been convinced by GLT’s arguments when he says “I haven’t made up my mind yet …” and “Will you allow me to choose which one I want to have?” “

Not me. The house is on fire, but Guillaume wants to choose the color of the extinguishers and the size of the buttons on the firefighter’s costume.

Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge has the right to his freedom of expression. But as a super popular comedian and host, he also has a certain responsibility. When he makes public statements, he is an “influencer”. And when he “influences” people who are thinking about getting vaccinated and encourages them to postpone their decision, in my opinion he is behaving irresponsibly.

In its videos, GLT deplores the fact that the population is divided. But it’s not the vaccine that divides. It is vaccine resistance that divides!

“Waiting” for a vaccine that he likes means that with every passing day he is not vaccinated he is putting himself in danger. He takes the risk of contracting a deadly virus. Let him tell that to the overwhelmed health workers.

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It is also quite ironic that Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, who refuses solidarity with the rest of society, tells us so much about his desire for unity in his videos!

As Dany Turcotte, ex-madman of the TLMEP king, said quite appropriately on Twitter: “’Choose your vaccine’, what an affirmation from a citizen of a rich country! Millions of people just dream of having it! “

In 1984, when he was only eight years old, the very young Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge was advertising the orange Crush.

He would show up at the convenience store, ask for his favorite soft drink, and the owner would tell him that his next delivery would not take place until the afternoon.

Little Guillaume refused to be sold anything else and preferred to go without drinking rather than swallowing anything other than Crush. The child would sit on a bench and wait patiently for the orange Crush truck to show up.

The slogan of this ad? I give it to you in a thousand: “Orange Crush, it makes you want to wait”. It was cute when he was eight, but at 45, you have less patience when GLT claims the right to wait … for his vaccine.


In 2009, at the time of the vaccination against influenza A (H1N1), Claude Dubois appeared to us disconnected from the collective effort because he had come before everyone else to be bitten.

In 2021, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge appears as an artist disconnected from the collective effort because he wants to go after everyone to get stung.

It’s the world upside down !

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