Guatemala Desbarató Red Transporting Migrants to Mexico

Ciudad de Guatemala.- Guatemala dijo haber desbaratado una de de traficantes de personas senada as the presumta responsible for haber transported illegally to 15 guatemaltecos migrants que fueron assesinados en México in 2021 en su intento llegar a Estados Unidos.

The group, named “Los Coronado”, was dismantled by various allies in the indigenous municipality of Comitancillo, in the west of the country, in which 10 people were arrested for trying to integrate the red tape, said Stuardo Campo, jefe. of the Tax against the Illegal Traffic of Migrants.

Among the detainees figure one of the supuestos lideres of the red of “coyotes”, as the conoce to the traffickers, meanwhile other of the presets cabecillas, a municipal exalcalde of Comitancillo, is a test together with other five persons, also added.

The detainees were taken to the capital during the operation by two agents of the Department of Homeland Security’s Department of the United States.

On January 22, 2021, the bodies of 19 people were localized in a truck of the Mexican municipality of Camargo, in the state of Tamaulipas, fronted by the United States and hit by the organized crime.

Of the victims, 16 are Guatemalans and the other three are of Mexican origin. In the group of Central Americans, 15 eran migrants and one era the guia or “coyote”, part of the red dismantled these fires.

The carcasses were driven into the interior of a vehicle that had received 113 ball impacts and was subsequently charged, according to investigations by the authorities. Two Mexican police forces were detained for their wrongdoing.

The bodies of the Guatemalans, all of Comitancillo’s originals, were repatriated to those months after the matanza.

“It is established that the criminal structure captured the victims, agreeing with them a payment that oscillates between 95,000 and 120,000 quetzales (11,875 and 15,000 dollars), to transfer the state territory,” the tax union said.

For his part, the Minister of the Interior, David Barrientos, declared at a press conference that large quantities of quetzals and dollars, as well as an army of fugitives, ammunition and equipment, will be contained in the operations, among other evidence.

Every year, miles of Guatemalans, many with the support of road users, take the light truck without paper to reach Mexico and travel to the United States of America for the sake of the poverty and violence that the region is experiencing.

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