Guardiola’s permanent tension with Madrid

The years go by and the acts of Pep Guardiola continue to irritate much of the Spanish press. Recently they have not been produced by his multiple victories on grass, such as the one that achieved his Manchester City 4-3 against him real Madrid in the first leg of the semifinals of Championsbut because of what happens outside of it.

The Santpedor coach was more cautious and blunt than ever before the Spanish microphones in Madrid’s last visit to Manchester. Before and after the game, culminating in the interview on Movistar, where he criticized his unwillingness to receive questions on the pitch.

At the press conference with the rest of the media, Guardiola was asked about his character, and if he had felt offended by the treatment he received in the national press. “No, you ask and I answer. That’s how I’ve done it in my 12 or 13 years as a coach & rdquor ;, Pep briefly asserted.

To understand Guardiola’s responses you have to look back. Not much. First, go back to the quarterfinals that faced City with Atlético de Madrid. The Catalan spoke a total of 68 minutes in four press conferences (Simeone, a total of 32), trying to dodge all the bullets that invited him to enter a style debate. His resistance was in vain after the first leg. “Attacking two such tight lines has always been very difficult, in prehistory, today and in 100,000 years,” Guardiola asserted.

The reference to prehistory served the mattress squad, and its surrounding environment, to heat a lap turned into hell for the ‘sky blue’, who came out alive after suffering like never before. After the tie, Simeone confessed his anger: “Sometimes those who have a great lexicon praise you with contempt & rdquor ;.

Against Real Madrid he changed his approach to leave no room for interpretations and theories, but the result was the same. When he speaks, because he speaks. When he doesn’t speak, why doesn’t he speak. And in each reunion with Spanish football, Guardiola becomes the perfect target. “The most edge Guardiola”, put a Madrid newspaper in a headline.

What has happened in the last three weeks, and will continue to happen during the semi-final against Real Madrid, will probably confirm Guardiola’s theory with Spanish football. He exposed it just two weeks ago, in the preview of Manchester City – Liverpool that was played in the Premier on April 10.

“England is the best country in the world to be a manager. The best. And to be a footballer too. We all get criticized or praised depending on whether we win or lose, but how people respect coaches and players… you, the press, how you respect the coaches and the players, is incomparable with the countries I’ve been to & rdquor ;, Pep started.

“The atmosphere here is very different. Impossible to compare, honestly, what those days of the Barcelona-Real Madrid rivalry were like with Manchester City-Liverpool now”.

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“Here it is calmer. In Spain, people are more… involved. There is more noise from outside. If this were in Barcelona, ​​before a match like City-Liverpool there would be cameras and photographers everywhere trying to find something in training, the radios all day… That’s why England is the best country. I’m sorry, but you have to be proud of this & rdquor ;.

Guardiola’s words today are a prophecy that reveals his attitude today, hints at part of why he left yesterday and predicts the chimera that would be his return tomorrow.

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