Guanajuato Prosecutor’s Office investigates attacks on businesses in Celaya that left at least 11 dead

The Attorney General of the State of Guanajuato confirmed that 11 people, seven women and three men, died during the attacks carried out by a group of hitmen on Monday in two bars and the Gala Hotel in Celaya.

Through a statement, he specified that one of the women died in the hospital while receiving medical attention, while a woman and a man are injured.

“The corresponding investigation has been initiated for the events that occurred on the night of May 23, 2022 in Celaya; All the information that leads to clarifying this crime and arresting those responsible is being collected, to bring them to justice, ”he indicated.

He mentioned that the armed attack was committed in the three businesses located on Azalea Street in the Valle Hermoso neighborhood.

“Ministerial personnel carry out field investigations at the place of intervention with the practice of diligence to search for and identify signs and evidence, following the procedures indicated by the protocols designed for this purpose,” he detailed.

He pointed out that at the scene of the crime they seized casings of different calibers, various doses of drugs and cardboard with messages from a criminal group.

“The agent of the Public Ministry of the Specialized Homicide Investigation Unit deploys actions and coordinates the personnel of the Criminal Investigation Agency for the practice of actions in the place and to have information that allows the legal identification of the deceased and the clarification of these facts,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.

For his part, the Secretary of Government of GuanajuatoLibia García Muñoz Ledo, condemned and lamented the homicides, and stressed that “we will be providing timely follow-up and working closely and in coordination with the authorities of the government of Celaya and the State Attorney General’s Office, as well as the federal authorities so that those responsible are found and justice is served.”

The official said that although in Guanajuato the number of homicides has been reduced, according to the Inegi, it is not enough and stressed that the state security agencies together with the federal ones must insist on actions to combat insecurity.

(With information from Jorge Monroy.)

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