Guadalajara increased its budget for infrastructure by 225%

Guadalajara, Jalisco. The municipal government of guadalajara will invest this year 1,092 million pesos in infrastructure for the city, a figure that represents a growth in the budget of 225% compared to 2021 when 335.8 million pesos were allocated to that item, announced the mayor of Guadalajara, Paul Lemus.

During the presentation of the investment plan for public works before the members of the Jalisco delegation of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC), the first mayor proposed to make changes to the municipal regulations to privilege construction companies from Guadalajara in construction tenders.

“We have a conviction that local companies are much more respectful because they have a commitment to our city, because you live here, you were born here, you want your city,” Lemus Navarro stressed.

Among the municipal infrastructure projects, the following stand out: reconstruction centers of the social fabric known as “Colmenas”, which are built in disused buildings.

He also mentioned the project to build a public park in the east of the city and explained the municipality’s redensification policy.


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