Guadalajara, Jal. In the summer of 2026, Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP) anticipates that the new terminal building and the second runway at the Guadalajara International Airport will be completed.

With an investment of 15,000 million pesos contemplated in the Master Development Programs 2020-2024 and 2025-2029, the Guadalajara airport will double its capacity and will have the standards of any air terminal in the world, said its director, Martín Pablo Zazueta.

He stressed that 2022 will be “one of the years with the highest number of budgetary years and especially of work execution”, and specified that, two years after the work began, the airport remodeling project registered a general progress of 30 percent.

“They are investments of the same size as those we made in the last 20 years; It means that we are going to double everything between now and 2026; we will change the four tires of the car, only with the car walking ”, indicated, at the time, Raúl Revuelta Musalem, general director of the GAP.

However, he said, although 60% of the investments are staying in construction companies in Jalisco and the western part of the country, the challenge is to make the surroundings of the Guadalajara airport become a hub for attracting investments so that the poverty belt that exists in the surroundings to become one of investment and development as occurs in other airports in the world. Regarding the second runway of the Guadalajara airport, which began its construction in 2020, Martín Zazueta anticipated that it will be ready and in operation in 2024.

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“Only the earthmoving for the construction of the second runway implies that there will be 11,000 trucks that are going to do earthmoving at the airport. To be able to size it, there are 1,400 kilometers of trucks formed one after another; the distance between Guadalajara and Monterrey, ”he stressed.

According to the manager, this year the new national remote arrivals area will be completed and the construction of the second runway, the new General Aviation area and the mixed-use building that will have a hotel with 180 rooms, offices and offers has also begun. commercial.

By 2022, the new Rescue and Fire Fighting Service Station will be ready and it will begin with the new terminal façade, the renovation of the commercial premises, the modernization of the Baggage Claim and the Airport Management Center; Meanwhile, in 2024 the construction of Terminal 2 will begin.


During the 2021 Advisory Commission session of the Guadalajara airport, Martín Zazueta reported that, at the end of this year, the Guadalajara air terminal plans to reach 12 million passengers mobilized; that is, 80% of the travelers who attended in 2019 before the pandemic.

He anticipated that in 2022 the Guadalajara airport will not only return to the numbers prior to the pandemic, but will even exceed the historical number of passengers that reached 14.8 million passengers in 2019.

Regarding cargo, Zazueta Chávez commented that the Guadalajara airport is the second largest in the country (after Mexico City), and at the end of this year he predicts that the air terminal will have transported 170,000 tons. The Guadalajara airport carries out 1,955 weekly commercial operations and has connectivity with 57 destinations, 30 of them national and the rest international.

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