What does Traxion Group do?

Traxión, the only land transport and logistics company in Mexico operating on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), broadened its horizons and diversified its business lines into three areas: logistics and technology; mobility of cargo and mobility of people.

The company debuted on the stock market in September 2017. In that year, it operated two business segments: trucks Y logistic, just like him School bus Y of personal. It had operations in 22 states in the country and an average fleet of 4,963 reported power units.

It was founded in 2011 by a group of transport entrepreneurs and a private capital fund, although its roots go back 57 years, with Furniture and Mudanzas (MYM), a company dedicated to trucks and logistics trucks.

Who owns Redpack?

The company he chairs To Lijtszain did not stop growing. One year after its listing on the Stock Exchange, on May 17, 2018, he bought PACKAGING, a company operating in the parcel and courier segment, using the resources acquired in the Initial Public Offering.

It was a strategic acquisition for Traxión as it expanded its services and participation in the e-commerce market, a sector with strong growth in Mexico and more so in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, it was a year in which there was an increase in activity due to the strong penetration of e-commerce and logistics channels, such as the last mile and 3PL warehouse. In reality, traction It is the second largest 3PL operator in Mexico.

Today, PACKAGING is a key player in the last mile market in Mexico, which has ranked in the top 5 of the business and has shown strong growth in its operating capacity, of more than 400% since its acquisition, covering between 20,000 and 70,000 parcel deliveries per day report.

After this big leap and due to the health crisis, its routes will continue to expand as Traxión seeks to achieve leadership in technology-based logistics services to increase efficiency in the operation of the so-called last mile business.

Growth is potential. Between March and April 2020 alone, e-commerce activity in Mexico has grown by more than 500% and it is expected that approximately 9.7 million people will become online buyers in 2021, which equates to 44.2% of the population, while in 2019. 36.5 percent.

While the division of Mobility of people It has a fleet of 5,736 units that provide staff transport services to and from industrial parks, manufacturing centers, corporate offices and tourist complexes.

It also transports students and mobilizes private charters for groups. In 2017, the units in this division totaled 3,759, with which he has added 1,977 motor vehicles to his fleet in recent years. The company moves 180 million people in this segment every year.

The line of Freight mobility operates one of the largest cargo fleets in the country, with more than 2,300 own units and those of third-party companies.

In addition, it maintains 30 alliances with US operators. It has the widest range of freight services and solutions in the sector, including regular, refrigerated, intermodal, border crossings, specialized in fuels, petrochemicals and food grade, among others.

income from traction has increased year by year. In 2017, it reported 7,072 million pesos and in 2020, it amounted to 14,298 million pesos. For the year that has just ended, he expects to consolidate 15.7 billion pesos, more than double that of four years ago.

While the number of its fleet went from 5,329 units in 2017 to 8,357 vehicles in 2020 and had 8,788 car units until the third quarter of 2021.

In addition, the company that chairs To Lijtszain owns 596,615 square meters of 3PL logistics warehouse space, reports a portfolio of more than 1,000 customers and more than 17,000 employees.

The company was for the first time, late last November, in the Dow Jones Index Sustainability MILA Pacific Alliance, consisting of issuers that meet certain sustainability criteria.


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