Grupo Aeroméxico shares score three days with profits helped by speculative purchases

The actions of Aeromexico, which since last year has been in a process of restructuring, jumped on Wednesday for the third day in a row helped by speculative purchases after they sank last week to an all-time low after announcing a public offer to acquire securities.

The papers of Aeroméxico Group they closed on the Mexican Stock Exchange at 3.14 pesos, with a gain of 44.7%. During the session this Wednesday, they rose to 3.43 units, with a cumulative return of almost 200% in the last three days.

“It’s speculation. We don’t see anything other than that,” said Carlos Hernández, a senior analyst at Masari Casa de Bolsa.

Last week, the company’s shares tumbled to a record 90 cents after it announced that a third party would initiate paperwork to carry out a OPA.

Despite the recent rally, which has led the stock market to interrupt its negotiations repeatedly to carry out volatility auctions, the titles have not managed to recover the levels above 4 pesos in which they were located before the announcement.

Analysts and operators agreed that attention continued to be placed on the disclosure of details about the restructuring plan and the offer to acquire the papers.

“We are seeing a situation where the stock was extremely punished,” said Gustavo Fuentes, an independent equity analyst. “You have to know the conditions of the OPA and then wait for the behavior of the professional investor and know whether or not it is convenient to be in”.


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