Group of US states announces investigation into TikTok’s impact on children

A coalition of eight US states, including California and Florida, announced on Wednesday the start of an investigation into the popular platform TikTokwhich they accuse of harming children by encouraging them to spend more and more time on it.

Officials across the United States have compiled their own evidence and lawsuits against giants of the technologyat a time when the federal government has failed to advance new regulations due in part to partisan gridlock.

The eight-state consortium will examine the harm that TikTok may cause its youngest users and investigate how much TikTok knows about these potential harms, the U.S. attorney general said in a statement. CaliforniaRob Bonta.

The investigation focuses, among other things, on TikTok’s techniques for triggering the attention of younger users, including the platform’s efforts to increase the frequency and length of stay for minors.

“We don’t know what the companies knew about social media about this damage and when they knew about it,” Bonta said.

“Our nationwide investigation will allow us to get to much-needed answers and determine if TikTok is breaking the law by promoting its platform to young Californians,” he said.

The announcement comes as another investigation by a group of attorneys general is underway against Goalthe parent company of Facebook, which they point out to promote Instagram among the youngest.


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