• The singer Marco Flores y la Jerez had reported the kidnapping of his driver
  • The singer used his social networks begging for help to locate his member of the Banda Jerez team
  • After presuming him as murdered, the man appeared alive

A few days ago, Marco Flores, vocalist of the Jerez Band, published on his social networks the kidnapping of a member of his work team who served as a driver, because they found his taxi empty and open in the middle of the morning.

“His collaboration is requested, he is missing, he is the driver of my Band. Maximum Alert ”, was what Marco Flores published on his Instagram account along with a photograph of Jesús Gaitán Valdéz, the name of his driver.

“Taxi driver missing. His name is Jesús Gaitán Valdéz, he drives taxi 147, he left for Monte Escobedo this morning and so far there is no information on his whereabouts, ”reads the photograph of the Jerez Band driver.

The portal Zacatecas Online, reported that an operation was mounted to find the whereabouts of a member of Marco Flores y la Jerez’s work team, who was even presumed murdered.

Marco Flores and the Jerez kidnapping (Instagram)

According to data from the media, at first it was presumed that the Jerez driver had been killed inside the taxi, but it was denied because the empty vehicle was found empty in front of the garden of the Ermita de Guadalupe community, in Jerez, Zacatecas , Mexico.

It is unknown if Marco Flores and La Jerez negotiated with the kidnappers, because after the operation deployed by the authorities, it was reported that Jesús Gaytán appeared at the Malpaso Regional Unit in Villanueva, to give his statement and tell what happened, Well, he was released.

Marco Flores and the Jerez kidnapping (Instagram)

Marco Flores and the Jerez kidnapping (Instagram)

Through a Facebook post by ‘Marco Flores y la Jerez’, the band’s vocalist wrote: “Thank God my Chuy was found safe and sound, thank you all very much for your prayers.”

So far there is no more data regarding who the kidnappers were or the motive for the plagiarism of the member of the Jerez Band team.

“They are going to throw me down a ravine.” The Guatemalan driver, Héctor Sandarti, narrated for the first time one of the most terrible moments that he has lived in his life, confessing that he had suffered kidnapping by some men in Mexico.

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It was 5 days ago when the driver Héctor Sandarti revealed in his official Instagram account one of the most terrible moments of his life, which had happened 20 years ago, specifically on Friday, August 31, 2001.

As part of his podcast titled Something good to say the Guatemalan driver spoke for the first time publicly that he had been kidnapped while he was still working for the program Life TV.

FOTO: Instagram. Héctor Sandarti

In his story, Héctor Sandarti tells how a man approached him so quickly by his side and when he least realized it, the person was already pointing a pistol at him under his jacket:

“I had never really been assaulted, much less kidnapped, so my reaction was like in the movies, I raised my hands, put his gun to my side and told me come with me, at that moment I realized that the thing possibly it was going to get even worse. “

With data also shared by the portal!Hello!, The presenter continues with his story on the 50-minute podcast, in which he narrated the events as they had happened.

And is that when he was taken to the car, Héctor could notice how there were more people in the back, after boarding the car, they left:

“During that time the insults continued, there was no type of physical aggression, I just kept praying and answered their questions with all the truth,” Hector Sandarti confessed about his kidnapping.

You can see the video of Héctor Sandarti talking about his kidnapping here.

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After confessing this, Héctor Sandarti continued narrating how he was a victim of kidnapping in mid-2001.

When the kidnappers and he were already boarding a third car, the men threw him in the back, while they tied his hands and blindfolded him, this caused the actor to imagine the worst:

“That negative little voice that all human beings have told me: This is over here, it seems to me that these guys got confused, they think I’m another person and they’re going to kill me,” he confessed.

Héctor Sandarti kidnapping

VIDEO: YouTube. Héctor Sandarti

“A few minutes passed and I didn’t hear anything, suddenly I felt like the car began to move very quickly, it went through my mind, they are going to throw me down a ravine.”

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Fortunately for Héctor it was not like that, since when they arrived at the place where they would hold him hostage, he started a conversation with one of his kidnappers named Charlie, name that of course was not real:

FOTO: Instagram. Héctor Sandarti

“We talked about God, religion, life, a lot of things, my career, his family, my dreams, how he had arrived in Mexico” the driver also highlighted the kind treatment of those who had kidnapped him.

Do you want to find out more and how Héctor managed to save himself from his kidnapping? Continue reading the next page.

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Given these statements, Héctor Sandarti confessed how he entrusted himself to God to help him free himself from the kidnapping, commenting that this talk filled him with total peace:

“I fell fast asleep, and I spoke with him, and I said to him: sir, here I am and here you have me, I am in your hands. I don’t know what the purpose of this is, what I know is that this is going to work out. At that moment I felt the peace that only God can give you ”.

FOTO: Instagram. Héctor Sandarti

To end this situation of terror, Héctor spoke of his release after negotiating it, confessing that his captors had placed a 100-peso bill in his hand so that he could order a taxi and get home:

“He took off the tape, my glasses, I was in a neighborhood that I did not know, and God heard my prayer, a large, familiar car appears. They allow me to make a phone call to my loved ones, who soon come for me.”

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