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Greg Fertuck’s murder trial has been postponed for two more weeks as the defense determines whether or not to request expert testimony.

Last month, the court received a report from RCMP forensic specialist Kenneth Chan. He analyzed two bullet casings found in the gravel pit where police believed Greg Fertuck, now 68, shot and killed his ex-wife, Sheree Fertuck, on December 7, 2015.

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His report determined that the two casings were fired from the same weapon. The results were inconclusive as to whether they matched a carcass taken from Greg Fertuck’s home in Saskatoon.

Defense attorney Mike Nolin said the postponement is necessary because Greg Fertuck’s attorneys need more information. He previously indicated that the defense was considering whether they needed to call an expert on their own.

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Nolin specifically asked about the databases Chan relied on, along with the actual shells, if any were used, in a comparison process. The defense also wants a copy of Chan’s notes.

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Crown prosecutor Cory Bliss said there is no dispute as to whether the information is relevant.

Judge Richard Danyliuk granted the adjournment and scheduled a case management hearing for December 7. The public and the media are normally unable to attend case management procedures.

The resumption of the trial date can be scheduled during the case management hearing.

The court has heard approximately two months of testimony in its entirety within a voir dire, or trial within a trial, aimed at determining what evidence is admissible in the case.

Danyliuk has yet to comment on what evidence can be admitted.

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