Greg Abbott gives in to Trump’s pressure and moves forward with Texas election audit

Youtube screenshot photo (Greg Abbott).

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, is working with an audit of the 2020 elections in the four largest counties in his state after increasing pressure from former President Trump, who called on him through a letter to carry out the process.

The context: The move comes after Arizona released a long-awaited election review of its own, which sparked friction within the state’s Republican Party and ultimately determined that Trump lost to President Biden by an even greater margin than the certificate for the year. last.

  • At the same time, audits in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, led by Republicans in the state legislature, have just begun.
  • The Republican-led audit in Arizona found that Biden won Arizona by 1 million votes in Maricopa County in November, with 99 more votes than the certified ballot showed in 2020.
  • In addition, the review concluded that the total number of votes in favor of Trump fell from 995,665 to 995,404.

Another point of vista: “These bogus audits announced by Governor Abbott in Texas and the one just concluded in Arizona are part of a coordinated effort to spread lies about our elections and roll back voting rights across the country,” said the Secretary of State for Colorado, Jena Griswold.

  • “All Harris County voters, regardless of their political party, should support intervening for a comprehensive audit of the 2020 election,” Cindy Siegel, the county’s GOP Chairperson, said in a statement.

Main source of the news: The Hill

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