Green Party deputy “absolutely not” backs NDP after backing is now removed

At 2:40 pm Vic Sahai and local NDPs said they were still waiting for Dr. Waji Khan’s endorsement after he removed him from Twitter.

But Khan’s campaign manager Tom Addison said this afternoon that Jagmeet Singh and the NDP party only pretend to be concerned about green issues and are not a party that the Green Party can endorse.

Dr. Khan’s campaign manager had little more to say, as he noted that an official statement is coming today.

This morning it would have been reasonable to assume that Dr. Waji Khan, the local deputy candidate for the Green Party, had supported Vic Sahai and the NDP.

Oren Nimelman, a representative of the NDP, said this afternoon that the local NDP continued to have the impression that Dr. Waji Khan would back Vic Sahai.

He said that based on conversations with Dr. Khan last night, an official endorsement from the NDP was expected, adding that Khan expected some backlash within his campaign.

This morning, Dr. Khan sent out two tweets acknowledging the lack of federal support for the Green Party and said that more parties should come together to get rid of Trudeau.

However, by afternoon, the tweets had been deleted.

“The Trudeau government has lost its moral authority to rule this country and the Green Party has a real plan for prosperity,” Khan said in the since deleted tweet.

“In my leadership, I support Vic Sahai of the NDP.”

Sahai acknowledged and thanked Khan’s support on social media, saying “we have a hard time finding even small differences of opinion.”

Local NDPs were caught off guard by the removal of the tweet, as well as by an Instagram promotional story “Vote Green” posted this afternoon by a candidate they believed was backing them.

Dr Khan’s campaign manager Tom Addison said the Green Party was “not at all” endorsing the NDPs, and an official statement will be issued soon.

NDP’s Nimelman told YGKNews this afternoon that Sahai had spoken with Dr. Khan over the phone and confirmed his endorsement, but had no further information on the activity on social media.

He speculated that dissent within the Green Party’s campaign office around the endorsement may have led to the tweet being removed, but has not received clarity.

Local NDPs expected Dr. Khan to attend NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s visit to Kingston today.

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