Greece is campaigning in favor of a vaccination certificate adopted at European level. Athens thus wishes to facilitate the arrival of foreign tourists, essential in the Greek economy.

Greece is one of the most advanced European countries in terms of “vaccination passport“. It is, as it stands, a digital certificate which, in the eyes of the Greek authorities, will allow people who have been vaccinated to travel more freely, without being subject to quarantine restrictions, for example.

Athens wants the establishment of such a document to be adopted, not only at the national level, but at the level of the 27.

“Not a means of discrimination”

Kyriakos Pierrakakis is the Greek Minister for Digital Governance. He indicated that the head of government has already sent a proposal to the European level for such a vaccination certificate to be adopted.

« It is a tool intended to make life easier; it is not a question of making it a means of discrimination “, He assures.

« Our proposal focuses on border crossings, If you’re crossing a border into another country, you’re going to be tested and possibly quarantined for a few days. If you got the vaccine, you will go faster. One can imagine for example the establishment of queues reserved for vaccinated people on arrival at the airport. This would be a separate queue from that used by travelers who have not been vaccinated. Ultimately, it’s very simple. »

Legal recognition from one country to another

The first certificates were distributed last Friday. To date, more than 55,000 Greeks have already obtained this precious sesame, issued once we have received two doses of the anti-Covid vaccine.

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“The use of these vaccination certificates is not without its problems, remarks Fay Doulgkeri, euronews correspondent in Athens_. Technological problems: ensuring that these certificates are decrypted from one country to another. Legal problems: ensuring that they are also recognized from one country to another. However, this presupposes harmonization at European level. “_

The Greek Minister for Digital Governance is rather optimistic about the generalization of such certificates for travelers.

“If our proposal is rejected, underlines Kyriakos Pierrakakis_, that will mean that we maintain an absurd system in which the person who arrives at the border, even if he is vaccinated, will have to be tested, which would be a shame! These tests could indeed be used by other people. “_

Avoiding a black new year for tourism

For Athens, such a vaccination passport aims in particular to facilitate the arrival of foreign tourists.

The stakes are high as tourism is so crucial in the Greek economy.

And this is all the more true for 2021, after a catastrophic year 2020.

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