Greater Montreal: a summit on mobility this summer

In order to reflect on the development of public transit in the eastern part of the North Crown of Montreal, several municipalities are joining forces to propose a summit on mobility on May 30.

According to Valérie Plante, who is both mayor of Montreal and president of the Metropolitan Community of Montreal (CMM), which brings together 82 municipalities in the metropolitan region, the event will allow us to reflect on “how to find structuring solutions to problems that are real, such as congestion or economic losses linked to the lack of options for getting around”.

Currently, the municipalities in the region concerned are served by the “Train de l’Est”, the commuter train line linking Mascouche, Terrebonne and Repentigny to Montreal.

However, the construction of the REM in the west of Montreal prevents the line from following its initial route, causing a major detour for users wishing to go downtown. The duration of the journey having lengthened considerably, the train is now neglected by users, who are only around 110,000 using it, after a peak of 1.8 million users.

“Currently, it’s faster to go to Montreal by vehicle than by public transit. As long as we are not able to offer an alternative that is effective and credible, it will be difficult to change the behavior of our citizens, ”said Mathieu Traversy, Mayor of Terrebonne.

At the end of their summit, the municipalities hope to talk about a common way to present to the government the project on which they will have agreed.

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