Great speeding in Quebec: a man stopped at nearly 200 km / h on the highway

Apprehended while traveling at 198 km / h on the highway of the Capital, in Quebec, a young motorist of 20 years paid dearly for his misbehavior.

The man from Saint-Philippe-de-Néri, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, was arrested Monday evening, during a speedometer operation by police officers from the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

Arriving at boulevard Robert-Bourassa, heading west on the A40, the latter was close to 200 km/h, double the permitted limit of 100 km/h in the sector.

A statement of offense of $1771 was given to him and he obtained no less than 18 demerit points. His license was therefore immediately suspended for a period of seven days.

“The 2021-2026 Transport Network Safety Strategy, “Human life, at the heart of our actions”, aims to reduce the number of fatal collisions and collisions with serious injuries on the road and recreational tourism networks”, indicated Louis-Philippe Bibeau, of the SQ.

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