Great interest in Northern Ontario. The city’s $10 land sale program is nearing launch.

It sounds too good to be true, but Cochrane’s mayor says the city’s attractive $10 land sales pitch is about to come to fruition.

Peter Politis shared more details with CTV News.

“Individuals can choose which lot they want and then we will provide them with the lot for $10,” Politis said.

“There will be conditions around what the expectation is for that: timelines to build the house, the financial means to build it.”

Politis said more than 3,000 calls have come in from people and companies interested in the program. In addition to discounted land, buyers will also receive property tax relief.

The city has a settlement area of ​​up to 1,500 eligible lots.

As northern communities feel pressure to build more housing to attract families and skilled workers, the city of Cochrane is working on an incentive program it hopes will attract attention: land for as little as $10. (Cochrane)

The objective is for the development companies to build most of the homes necessary to adapt to the city’s growth plans.

Some residents worry the plan is too ambitious, as the city already faces infrastructure problems. People expressed their concerns at a town hall on Monday.

“Where is the money going to come from to put the infrastructure on all these lots, when our current infrastructure is falling apart?” an assistant asked.

“Our streets are decrepit because we don’t have money to fix them and we don’t have money to repair or fix those lots,” said another.

Must develop infrastructure

Politis clarified that buyers will be responsible for developing infrastructure on unserviced lots, adding that there are many lots ready to build on.

He said there will also be an expectation that development companies will also invest in improving the city in general, in addition to the economic benefits of housing developments.

Amid concerns that southern Ontario businesses could buy lots and leave them unused, Politis said there will be an application process to purchase the $10 lots, with a commitment to development.

“For us, it’s about building the house,” Politis said.

“If you’re going to build a house, we’ll incentivize you to build it.”

The city needs housing for seniors, low-income and homeless people, he said.

The long-term goal, he said, is to build enough housing to reduce costs and boost competition, to the benefit of workers, families and incoming young adults.

Politis also hinted that area employers are coming up with their own incentive programs to attract workers in various industries and help ensure new housing is filled.

“We are working with regional employers to move their workforce here,” he explained.

“As we do so, we hope our program… will maximize other opportunities, such as Gen Z people in southern Ontario who believe they will never own a home.”

Details still need to be finalized, Politis said, but the hope is to launch the program in May and see how the resulting housing boom plays out.

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