GPPL: Library Card Registration Month!

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September is Library Card Registration Month! Sure, you know the Grande Prairie Public Library has books. Everybody knows that. You may even know that we have movies (including some of the latest DVD and Blu-Ray releases). You may be thinking, with all the content available over the internet and the different streaming services, why should a library card take up space in my wallet? Well, if great books and movies, many of which you can’t find on streaming services, aren’t enough, I’m not sure what else we can do to convince you to sign up for a card …

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Have you taken a look at our video game collection? We have many games here and within our system for the newer systems and some from recent generations. You can even borrow some of the systems, as well as some great reproductions like the Nintendo Classic, Sega Genesis Mini, and the Atari Flashback.

Have you tried our “Read it!” Service? Give us information about the books you liked and a staff member will select a list of books for you to try based on your preferences.

Have you heard of our library of things? It is exactly what it sounds like: it is a library, with Stuff in that. Sporting Goods, Outdoor Goods, Household Goods, Tech Goods. From snowshoes to Chromebooks, there are so many Stuff available to borrow by free with library card. Still not enough?

Have you taken a look at our Makerspace and Creative Technology? We have 3D printers, a green screen, a light box, and more. We even have a couple of creative workstations loaded with great software for any of your image, video, or audio editing projects, as well as a ton of hardware you need to make sure you’re launching a quality end product.

We’ve even partnered with local businesses throughout the month, who will offer you discounts or free gifts with your purchase if you show your support for the library simply by showing them your card. You can find a list of all these great deals on our website or you can pick up a flyer in the library during the month of September. It’s the perfect combination, free material from the library and free (or cheaper) material from some of your favorite stores in town.

If you already have a card, it’s great! Take advantage of as many of these September discounts as you want! We hope that you are using all the resources and services that we have available and that you have discovered some new ones to try.

If you don’t have a card: What are you waiting for?

Clayton Tiro-Burns is an Information Services Assistant at the Grande Prairie Public Library.

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