Governor of Sinaloa makes a working tour of Elota

In a day of work framed in the sports theme, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya delivered the rehabilitation and modernization of the “3 Estrellas” Baseball Field, of the community of Caimanes II, in Elota, a work to which he undertook just last 2 January when he visited this small town in the company of the municipal president, Ana Karen Val Medina.

The improvements consisted of installing the lighting system of the playing field with towers of Led lamps, bathrooms, stands, bullpens, the backstop, dougouts and painting were built, with an investment of one million 800 thousand pesos, resources provided by the Promoter Board del Deporte Sinaloense (PIDS), as reported by its president, David Vargas Ramírez, who was in charge of making the technical explanation, and even commented that it is the first work carried out by the PIDS in this new administration.

For her part, Mayor Ana Karen Val Medina thanked Governor Rocha for having kept his word, as she recalled that on Sunday, January 2, he accompanied her to start the repair work on the road that connects this population of Caimanes, and in On that occasion, they visited this baseball field and in response to the request made by families and young athletes, they made the commitment to modernize it, which is now a reality.

In his message, Governor Rocha said that these actions of the highway and the baseball field are social works that the people need, with which his government began, since he asked each of the 18 municipal presidents to define a work for start, and here in Elota it was the road, although the stadium was also added.

“Everything we are doing has the purpose of serving the people on a day-to-day basis,” the governor reiterated.

The state president attended this event accompanied by the young prospect of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the 17-year-old from Culiacan, Agustín Acosta Villegas, who just a few weeks ago was signed by this Major League organization.

Subsequently, Governor Rocha and Mayor Ana Karen Val attended the First Colloquium “Football in Northwest Mexico”, which took place at the Polytechnic University of Mar y la Sierra, where former professional soccer players Jared Borgetti and Cristian López Payán, this The latter, a native of Ceuta, gave a talk called “The identity of the Sinaloan soccer player”, where they shared with the young university students their experiences and anecdotes during their time as First Division players of Mexican soccer.

Here, Governor Rocha recommended young people not to stop doing sports, whatever they prefer, because practicing it is an integral part of the formation of their personality, in addition to keeping them away from addictions and bad behaviors.

In addition, he specified that it is in the universities where there is a lot of material for high-performance sports, for which he reiterated his commitment to support not only the Universidad Politécnica del Mar y la Sierra, based in La Cruz, Elota, but all other higher education institutions.

Precisely, he recalled that in his time as rector of the UAS, more than 20 years ago, he invited Jared Borgetti, then a Santos Laguna player, to the inauguration of the Olympic pool of Ciudad Universitaria in Culiacán, the first in the entire northwest, as well as a fast soccer field.

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