Government of Uruguay manages to maintain its key law, after a tight result in the referendum

Uruguayans voted this Sunday in a referendum to keep intact the legislative package emblem of the government of Luis Lacalle Poualbeit by a very slim margin.

More than 2.6 million Uruguayans were called to vote this Sunday to maintain or repeal 135 of the 476 articles of the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC), considered the backbone of the center-right administration.

The YES option, in favor of repealing, reached 48.8% of the valid votes, while the NO ballot, to keep the law intact, reached 49.9%, according to numbers from the Electoral Court from 23:00 local with 97% of the tables counted. In raw numbers, that’s about 20,000 votes apart.

The election shows that the country is still divided into two political blocs of very similar dimensions, said the political scientist Ignacio Zuasnabar to local channel 10.

“The YES has reasons to celebrate, because it had a very good vote (…) For a wide front and a left in the process of renewing leadership and rebuilding figures, is a significant result,” he said.

Along the same lines, the analyst Mariana Pomies expressed on channel 12 that if, despite having been defeated, the opposition manages to capitalize on the election, it will come out “strengthened.”

For several months, the opinion consultants gave a comfortable difference in favor of the option to maintain the legislative package of Lacalle Pou, who has a high approval rating two years into his term.

The LUC, which entered into force in July 2020, has a total of 476 articles on areas as diverse as security, education, housing and the economy, which reflect the main points of the government program of the ruling coalition.

The articles put up for consideration cover, in turn, very different themes. From the creation of the crime of insult to the police authority to the change in the method of fixing fuel prices or modifications in the adoption system.

The referendum against the heart of the legislative package was promoted by Social Organizationsthe PIT-CNT trade union center and the opposition wide front (left), which collected well over the 672,000 signatures needed, equivalent to 25% of the electoral roll, to make it a reality.

Given the heterogeneity and complexity of the issues discussed, the election ended up becoming a sort of plebiscite on the management of Lacalle Pou.

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