Government of CDMX will implement new reactivation measures for the commerce and services sector

The head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, announced that new economic reactivation measures will be implemented, specifically aimed at the trade and services sector.

Derived from a meeting held this Tuesday with the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin), Sheinbaum explained that the procedures to update or open restaurants will be reduced from more than 100 to 13.

The new measure, he deepened, will be published soon in the Official Gazette of Mexico City.

“We are going to reduce from a hundred and so procedures for updating and for new restaurants to around 13 procedures. That is the objective and we are going to change completely, including the expense that they have to make annually, in order to increase the number of restaurants in Mexico City”, he advanced from the Industrialists Club.

claudia sheinbaum He explained that an intensive policy of simplification and digitalization has been carried out in economic matters, with the objective that low-impact businesses in the capital open in 10 minutes through a registration platform.

In addition, he stressed that derived from the impact of the pandemic, for the restaurant sector The Open Air City program was created with the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac).

“This has allowed the operation of restaurants and prevented the closure of these businesses during the pandemic, in addition to converting the Mexico City in a dynamic city during the day, afternoon and night”, said the Head of Government of the capital of the country.

more actions

During the meeting held with the industrialists, claudia sheinbaum highlighted the recovery actions for some economic sectors, including the building.

“We have 18 strategic corridors for housing construction, in these strategic corridors the Real Estate Acquisition Tax is forgiven, the property tax is forgiven for five years and a scheme is generated to promote low-cost social housing (…) There was a single table for the reduction of procedures where we remove all the windows and leave only one”, he considered.

He said that they have also focused on improving security to attract more investment.

As actions, Sheinbaum said that the installation of C5 cameras has increased, from 14,588 to a total of 64,827.

“The C5 of the Mexico City it completely changed its model, not only in the number of cameras, but also in the intelligence that is used (…) This completely changes even the possibilities of investigation and construction of investigation files”, he added.


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