Government and communities address reducing quarantine before the irruption of omicron

  • The Executive and the autonomies will study in the Territorial Council that the isolation of positives is 5 days, instead of 10

  • Madrid defends applying an initiative that the US and the UK have already approved and France and Italy are also studying

The explosion of the omicron variant, a lot most infectious but also of less serious effects according to preliminary studies, it is forcing the authorities to rethink your actions in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. In almost all cases, the new approach goes through more restrictions, such as the mandatory nature of the mask outdoors throughout Spain and the return to curfew and the limits of hours and capacity in the hospitality industry in some autonomies, Catalonia between them. But the new setting can also serve to relax other measures, case of quarantine for positives. The Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities will study on Wednesday, within the framework of the Interterritorial Council, reduce the isolation of those infected from the current 10 days to 5, a measure that little by little it is making its way on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Madrid’s community was the first to defend this initiative. “The panorama of decisions in the pandemic and those provided by this variant is different. We have been saying for a few days that the management of the pandemic cannot be the same as a year ago or a few months ago for two reasons: one for the vaccination situation of the population and two due to the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of this variant, “said the Deputy Minister of Health on Tuesday, Antonio Zapatero. Castila y León will also bring this matter to Wednesday’s meeting.

The government he avoided taking a position, referring to the debate that will take place in the Interriorial Council. “Any decision we make in the area of ​​pandemic management, we do so with the support and rigor of the technical teams and in this area it will be where it arises “, said after the Council of Ministers the spokeswoman for the Executive, Isabel rodriguez.

But Health sources emphasize that the measure, to be approved, must first be validated by the Public Health Commission, that groups together the technical positions of the Government and the territories, a body that it is not scheduled to meet Until next week.

The strip of contagions

For now USA has already taken the step. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced Monday that the isolation time for infected patients who are asymptomatic will be increased to five days. After that time, for the next five days, those affected must use face mask as long as they are around other people. The measure, according to US agencies, is based on the fact that most infections occur between two days before to the appearance of symptoms and next three.

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In the past week, United Kingdom made a similar decision, but somewhat more timid: the quarantines will be seven days in the event that the infected person tests negative in two antigen tests.

Too Italy and France they are considering passing such a measure. In the Italian case, the relaxation of the quarantine would affect only those vaccinated with the booster dose, given the fear that the expansion of the omicron variant paralyze important productive sectors.

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