Google announced on Thursday that it had concluded contracts with several German press editors, including the magazine The mirror, to remunerate your online content, in application of a recent European directive on related rights.

In addition to Der Spiegel and The time, Google signed contracts with the economic newspaper Handelsblatt and the Berliner Daily mirrorGoogle detailed in a blog posted on its website.

Press editors will be paid for extracts of articles posted online, when they go beyond very short extracts, which are not covered by related rights.

Publishers are also expected to be paid for detailed previews on current affairs.

The amount of the settlements was not disclosed.

The US giant added that “other discussions with publishers large and small are at an advanced stage.”

Stefan Ottlitz, CEO of Der Spiegel welcomed the agreement which he said crowns “a constructive working relationship with Google for many years.”

Platforms like Google “are important partners for us, especially because they generate a lot of traffic for our websites,” reacted Rainer Esser, CEO of Zeit publishing house.

Related rights are a new component of intellectual property, introduced after lengthy negotiations during a European copyright reform in 2019.

On Wednesday, Google and Agence France-Presse (AFP) announced the signing of a European agreement on the remuneration for five years of the press agency content used by the search engine.

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