Good thing it was green

Is more than ‘new fire’. At Barça family and friends who have ridden Joan Laporta and that, now, reinforces the Hernández family the old regime is useless. They do not serve or Leo messi ni Antoine Griezmann. Ok, yes, expensive or whatever, but they don’t work. And, when we talk about expensive, I would like to know some items (and I am not talking, no, of bottles of wine of 350 euros per unit) in which, possibly, money is still wasted.

To the cleaning that Laporta and Ferran Reverter have been made in the club’s offices and in the highest instances of the ‘staff’, it has followed, from the first day, from the first hour (08.35 in the morning yesterday), the tsunami promoted by Xavi Hernandez at the Joan Gamper Sports City. It is evident that Xavi has all the right in the world to arrive with his team and the odd family member, it would be missing more !, because he comes to the rescue of a dying person and must do it with those assistants he trusts.

A real chaos

But & mldr; the first impression and, of course, the new ‘mister’ has not tried to hide it at any time, is that everything, everything, was being done horribly wrong and, above all, that there was no code, no discipline, no guideline , neither program, nor rigor, nor any requirement. Xavi did not hesitate for a single second (and in not a single answer did he stop emphasizing it) in denouncing that it was ‘Tócame Roque’s house’, a legendary populous, ramshackle and festive house in Madrid, located at the end of Calle de Barquillo, in the Justicia neighborhood, which inspired several pieces of the most traditional musical theater and which was immortalized in literature, painting and proverbs.

And, hey, because in that house and / or dressing room, where the ruler was none other than Leo Messi, the one who always denied having power there, Xavi now tries, not only to put order, but discipline. It is not surprising, then, that yesterday they all arrived almost two hours earlier than usual. Neither that Gerard Piqué has been deleted from the presentation of the Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals, who will preside, on November 16 (well, four days before the derby is played!), Isabel Ayuso and José Luis Martínez-Almeida, the new friend of the husband of Shakira, the mayor of the praised Madrid (by Piqué).

First, win

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I do not know if it is good, the truth, that Xavi landed at the Camp Nou with the healthy (and only) intention of increasing the illusion in the ‘gent blaugrana’. He must be very sure to sing and proclaim in chorus, microphone in hand, that euphoria with the president who said he was “green & rdquor; and that, before sitting on the bench at Camp Nou, he would do well for a year on the bench at Johan Cruyff. It is evident that being a man of consensus, being from the house and having one of the most powerful journalistic lobes in the city, no one will cough at him in the coming months.

It is not to compare, please !!!, but I remember that when Michel took charge of Getafe, last June, he gave an interview to ‘Marca’ whose headline was: “I want my Getafe to mole & rdquor ;. It’s cool, as the purists would say, but now it’s about winning. For now

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