Good end of consumer consumption in November

El Buen Fin 2021 le sonrió a los minoristas del país. In November, its 0.9% increase in sales sales increased compared to its previous forecast, with which it will increase its monthly advances and consignments to the level of November 2019, ahead of the pandemic.

In the form of glossary, the most advantageous sales categories will be the sales on the Internet and in the catalog, with an advance in billing of 8.4%, domestic inserts, computers and communication articles (+ 4.9%), following the auction of news items and departmental (+ 4.4%, its mayor rhythm since February 2021), in agreement with figures from the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (Inegi).

“The log indicator will accelerate to an annual rate thanks to the best in terms of consumption, what the effect of the calendar adversely affects (a Monday month vs November of 2020 and the high comparison by the mayor of Buen Fin in the 2020 edition” , opinion of Ángel Huerta, analyst at Grupo Financiero Ve por Más.

The Buen End of 2021 will last ten days (10-16 November), while by 2020 there will be 12 days (9-20 November), although there may be major restrictions on mobility due to poor sanitary conditions in relative terms.

In agreement with the Confederation of National Cameras of Trade, Services and Tourism, the billing for the day during the Buen Fin of 2021 was 38% higher than the previous year’s edition, if well the campaign in its addition to the sales of 239,000 million pounds by 2020, estimated at two hundred less durations.

“Three solid fundamentals, all about referring to the reforms and the labor market evolution, the minority sales respond appropriately and are as strong as one of the positive aspects of the Mexican economy in 2021,” said Marcos Arias, analyst of the Financial Group Monex.

In November, the number of Mexican employees down to 56.5 million, which is estimated at 740,000 people at the level of the prevalence of the pandemic, even if the majority of the recovered employees (510,000) are in the rank of workers who have minimum wage.

Private consumption is maintained as the most dynamic component of aggregate demand, in line with the latest available data reported by Inegi. From September to September, GDP increased by 6.1% year-on-year, varying in that private consumption led to a contribution of 5.3 points, very much due to private investment (2 points) and government consumption (0.1 points).

In its comparison with November 2019, the minority sales decreased by 0.9%, while, by the end of November, 2.3% were below the level of the same year.

In the accumulated form, the most marketed types of merchandise are textiles and clothing (-20.6%), textiles and savings (-18.5%), garlands (-8.7%), electronics and electronics (-6.3%) and cars , motos and refacciones (-5.8%), while the winning categories are the sales on the Internet and in the catalog (+ 89%), health products (+ 14.3%) and ferries (+7.1 per cent).

“We hope that, as a result of this dynamic, consumption can increase by 1.0% quarterly on the 4T-21, which balances the risks to the economy this year,” said Marcos Arias.

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