Good End 2021 will be one of the pillars of the economic reactivation: SE

After having faced three spikes in infections due to the Covid-19 that forced the intermittent closure of activities and businesses, businessmen and the federal government affirm that the event of El Buen Fin 2021 will be the opportunity for the Mexican economy not only to recover, but also to have economic growth in the country, detonate jobs and, above all, all, exceed the spill of the 239,000 million pesos registered during the year 2020.

“There are very good expectations to be able to exceed the goal of 239,000 million pesos registered during The Good End 2020. We hope that we will have many people buying, and it is that the IMSS reported that the million jobs lost (during the past year) have been recovered. We must continue to have this employment trend and it gives us the opportunity to trust that there will be more people with the capacity to acquire products and services in El Buen Fin ”, highlights Héctor Tejeda Shaar, president of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco-Servytur).

Both the participating companies and the governments of the three levels prepared for the most important commercial festival for the country – which takes place from November 10 to 16 – in which shops of all kinds offer special prices on items, especially screens, appliances, technology, clothing and footwear, as well as tourist services, through promotions, offers and special payment plans.

The also general coordinator of The good end, on the part of the business sector, maintains that the country is still affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, but “there are very good expectations and with epidemiological traffic lights in green and that the vaccination process is progressing, an economic recovery is expected, with the commitment to seek balance between health and the economy, ”says Tejeda Shaar.

Lack of supply?

Although the president of the National Association of Self-service and Department Stores (ANTAD), Vicente Yáñez, warns that retailers could face a shortage of imported products that will affect the delivery of merchandise during the week of The good endAs there are three logistics problems: the blockade of the railways in Michoacán, the high demand for merchandise globally, after the pandemic, and the increase in the costs of containers from Asia.

The transfer of merchandise via container has become more expensive, but “we have not received any communication of any shortage of merchandise due to the logistics issue. We should not be concerned about a shortage of products for El Buen Fin. There is no company affected by the supply chain ”, assured Héctor Tejeda.

Traxion, a logistics company, claims to be well positioned in the merchandise delivery channel, and does not observe problems in it. Good end for the supply of products to consumers.

Antonio Tejedo, vice president of Investor Relations at Traxion, acknowledges that the Covid-19 pandemic altered the logistics process, but companies are prepared with merchandise to offer to the consumer.

A respite from the economy

The eleventh edition of The good end It will be the opportunity to boost Mexico’s economic recovery, bet Tatiana Clouthier, Secretary of the Economy, who emphasizes that the best conditions for commerce and buyers will also be found at the event.

One of the ways that he pursues The good end is to strengthen and promote the border regions of the country as important commercial destinations, for example, in the northern border the objective is to encourage more Mexicans to choose to make their purchases in the national territory, during those days, and look less to States United, with their Black Friday.

“On the southern border, we will seek to attract consumers from Central America to the Mexican cities in that area, to acquire products and services they require, and thus boost local trade and increase the economic benefit of hundreds of businesses that require income,” said the head of the Unit of Regulations, Competitiveness and Competition of the Ministry of Economy, Jesús Cantú.

For this, the federal government through the Tax Administration Service (SAT) will carry out the draw for The good end, with a bag of 400 million pesos to distribute them in more than 321,000 prizes, as well as a flagship prize for 250,000 pesos, in order to stimulate purchases through credit and debit cards.

According to the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), which represents 410 electronic commerce (e-commerce) companies, eight out of 10 surveyed in their report Good End Purchase Expectations 2021, are interested in buying products and services during the event. Although, the segment that stands out the most with purchase intention are young adults with age ranges of 18 to 34 years.

“The interest in omnichannel shopping unlike what was experienced in 2020, the user who has a buying interest during the campaign is a buyer who mainly plans to use both channels (online and physical) to purchase their products and services. Around 97% of potential buyers plan to purchase their items at some point combining physical stores and the Internet ”, the survey refers.

During The Good End 2020, the digital sales channel increased 225% due to the pandemic, with the highest incidence in the higher income segments, however, online marketing has gained more relevance so far in 2021, with an upward trend.

To show this, the president of the Concanaco has the challenge that online sales made by your union increase their participation and go from 40 to 45% of total marketing during The good end.

In addition, he mentions, there are businesses that report more sales during the event of The good end With respect to the Christmas season, which indicates that the program is gaining more space, as it is a season of discounts, promotions in which thousands of companies and stores seek to increase their sales.

Javier Treviño, general director of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) recalled that The good end, since its first edition, “internal consumption has been very good, it is one of the main sources of growth and helps the cycle of economic activity to be renewed, to promote additional investments and generate value chain, which has an effect multiplier because a greater demand for goods and services translates, without a doubt, into more jobs and better wages for the population ”.

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