Good End 2021 entered 192,000 million pesos; met expectations: Ministry of Economy

Mexicans left an economic spill of 192,000 million pesos during the seven days that Good End 2021 lasted, according to the Ministry of Economy (SE).

“The Good end It has become an event that Mexicans hope to buy quality products at unbeatable prices that help us increase the well-being of Mexican families, ”said Jesús Cantú Escalante, head of the SE’s competitiveness and competition unit.

Although the amount met the government’s expectations, the amount recorded is less than that of 2020. This was mainly due to the fact that the Good End 2020 lasted 12 days.

“Last year the Good End purchase period was extended to 12 days and the figure was 239,000 million pesos. For this year, we had the expectation that this growth trend would continue, although it is not exactly comparable because now it has been reduced to 7 days, we had results that correspond to expectations (…) Which is a good result “, he commented the public official.

According to data from the SE, the percentage of people who paid with cash was 28 percent. In contrast, 10 years ago, this sector accounted for 48% of purchases.

“One of the objectives of any economy is to achieve bankarization and here we see how it is achieved. Although we cannot say that the Good End is the factor of bankarization, but the raffles and the possibility of winning a good prize have also contributed and that is why I want to highlight it “, said Cantú in the” El Buen Fin Raffle “, organized by the Service tax administration (SAT).

For this raffle of the Good End 2021 321,261 prizes will be awarded and there will be a special amount of 250,000 pesos that a single selected will receive, so depending on the amount they have spent, it will be a prize.

The results will be available until next Monday, December 13, on the SAT and El Buen Fin Raffle pages.

In addition to the above, a rebound was observed in the percentage of people who decided to buy a good on credit since 40% of buyers accepted the commitment to pay for an item in the future.

“By 2020, it was down to 34 percent. However, for this year it rose again to almost 40%; What is this telling us? That Mexicans have regained confidence and we are facing a better future that allows us to assume future payment commitments ”, he commented.

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