Good books for everyone, by Isabel Sucunza

The other day I read another interview with another editor (one more) who insisted that it is necessary to do mass consumption books so that you can later make books that you know won’t sell as much, but are worth it. All good if it weren’t for the fact that the same statement makes it explicit that the mass consumption books that are published, in many cases, are not worth it, something that the publisher who makes them knows perfectly well.

Sant Jordi is coming and the mountain of mass consumption books that are already distributed in the country’s bookstores and that will be on the 23rd in the form of piles at street stalls is just as massive. You should see them. In fact, there are only a few days left before they jump in your face, physically, and it’s been a week since they jumped out at you from the media and the ‘pop-up banners’ of any mobile application or ‘instagramer’ profile. They are all there: the politician who hurry up the little house he has left once his years of supposed glory have passed, the lady who uses her family to sell you things you didn’t know you needed, the last guru of the pandemic who now he intends to surf the wave of the possible fear that the removal of the masks can give us…

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I always wonder what would happen if the day that more books are bought in Catalonia, the offer was just as well thought out on the side of the letters as on the side of the numbers. Also, whenever I verbalize this question, I find responses such as: “Aunt, you don’t respect the reader: when you tell him that the books he buys aren’t good, you’re calling him stupid & rdquor ;. But no. I am simply telling you that it may be that, precisely on the day of the year that you spend those 20 euros on a book, which may be something that you do not buy any other day, you are being deceived. That they are using it, as some publishers openly acknowledge, and then doing those worthwhile books and that, editor ‘dixit’, they are made thinking that they will only be for a few.

I think, and I won’t change my mind, that we should take advantage of days like this, when everyone buys, to make good books available to everyone.

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