González-Trevijano: “The Constitutional Court can no longer be without a resolution on abortion”

The president of the Constitutional Court (TC), Pedro José González-Trevijano, said this Tuesday that this body “the abortion issue cannot be resolved any longer” since it has been pending for eleven years and “it is a demand of the citizens that it be resolved soon.”

“I am convinced that the TC will have a draft at least for submit it to deliberation at least within a reasonably short time and I believe that in a few months we will have a text that can at least be put to a vote, “he announced in statements to the SER.

The TC must issue a sentence in which it resolves the appeal presented in its day by the PP against the law that regulates abortion.

Reform the Constitution

On the other hand González-Trevijano has advocated reforming articles of the Constitution related to the territorial organization of the State, the succession of the Crown and the redefinition of the Senate as the priority aspects in his opinion if a revision of the Magna Carta is proposed.

“Surely the text of the Constitution would need a clean one, there are many articles of the territorial organization of the State that were thought for the autonomic process that does not make sense that they are maintained”, has commented.

And he added: “No one disputes that at the time if there is a reform of the Constitution there will be an explicit mention of the process of the European Constitution and the EU, which was in the idea of ​​the constituents but in 1978 we had not yet entered the Community European Economic “.

González-Trevijano understands that it is necessary to address “the redefinition of the role of the Senate and the system of competences between the State and the autonomous communities”. It has also considered that “if there is an in-depth reform of the Constitution Discrimination on the grounds of sex will be eliminated in the succession to the Head of State in equal degree “.

Party blocking

Regarding the blockade for the renewal of constitutional bodies such as that of the General Council of the Judiciary, pending for three years, he has warned that “the institutions must be renewed in a timely manner and the political formations that have it in their hands they are obliged to make an effort “to reach agreements.

González-Trevijano has been asked about the relationship of the magistrate of the TC Enrique Arnaldo with the PP: “I have no doubt that the magistrate Enrique Arnaldo like the others will exercise their functions with impartiality and independence and what must be demanded of them at the time is that they do it this way “, he assured.

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Precisely on the challenge raised by the former president of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont, investigated by the Catalan independence process, against magistrates Enrique Arnaldo and Concepción Espejel has advanced that “the TC will resolve immediately and rigorously”.


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