GoFundMe Campaign Raises Over $ 19,000 for Montreal Teen Funeral Expenses

Jannai Dopwell-Bailey, 16, was killed on October 18 during an altercation outside his school.

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A GoFundMe campaign that began last Friday raised more than $ 19,000 for the family of Jannai Dopwell-Bailey, a 16-year-old who was murdered on October 18.

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At noon on monday the GoFundMe site reported that a total of $ 19,113 had been raised from 346 donors to cover funeral costs and provide some support to the Dopwell-Bailey family.

Donations came from hundreds of private individuals, one of whom donated $ 1,000, as well as from the Montreal Teachers Association and staff at Hampstead Elementary School, where Dopwell-Bailey had been a student.

Some donors included messages with their contributions. One said his son attended classes at Program Mile-End High School, where Dopwell-Bailey was a student. “My son goes to Mile End and he knew Jannai. I never knew him, but my son tells me he was a good boy. My heart is sorry for the pain and loss that Jannai’s mother and family are feeling. Jannai is the son of all Mile End parents and the brother of Mile End students and we share the anguish and pain that his mother and family are feeling right now. “


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