Imagine being a child who cannot play with any toys or move around with friends and family.

Unfortunately, that is a reality for many children and their parents.

On Friday, that reality changed for three Regina children living with complex needs and disabilities like cerebral palsy.

“It’s good to know that there are ways the community and charities are helping kids who can’t experience things that everyone else can do,” says Kurtis Kemick, whose six-year-old son received one of three toy cars. Rotary Club of Regina and Variety Children’s Charity personalized items.

Kids now own the flashy toy cars that we all envied when we were kids. Except these are custom modified toy cars that will help them with their mobility. The vehicles do not have the use of pedals and work through switches and buttons.

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The cars in the “Go Baby Go” program are a fun experience for children who cannot move independently, allowing them to play or move on their own.

The looks on the faces of the families receiving the cars can only be described as relief and excitement.

“It is always amazing. It is always comforting. Because most of these families, most of these children, have never experienced an independent movement, ”said Larry Horeczy, Variety’s chief operating officer.

Kemick says it’s almost impossible to find toys that your child can actually use.

“For him (Brody), being able to push a button and experience movement means a lot to us and will help with his motor skills and help with his learning.”

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Horeczy added: “Every community can be more inclusive. Children living with disabilities are our priority. To make sure they can be a part of their community, be accepted in their community, be active, be able to play with their friends, be able to play with their neighbors and their families and have all the opportunities of any other child. “

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Families, physical therapists, and occupational therapists determine the best way to customize each car for each individual child so that they can sit and control the fully functional vehicle for themselves.

Most vehicles have remote control function so parents can support movement, steering and speed.

“This is his last chance to be able to do things on his own and hopefully it could lead him to maybe use his own wheelchair with a switch or something like that,” explained Kemick, who emphasized that these cars are a real and a rare opportunity for independence for your child.

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The Rotary Club of Regina partnered with the Variety Children’s Charity to sponsor the three vehicles featured. The Rotary Club of Regina is one of five clubs in Regina and has been actively serving the community for more than 100 years.

The three cars given away in Regina this week brought to the Go Baby Go program more than 100 total cars given to children in need.

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