GNL Quebec: okay or not?

At GNL Québec, we are looking for ways to poison the atmosphere in an ecological way (see ” GNL Québec still under evaluation », The duty, September 13, 2021). It has to be done. Erin O’Toole Y even maintains that, if he is elected, it is in his plan, you see?

Why is that Francois Legault, despite the rejection of the project by his government, does he encourage us to give our support to Erin O’Toole? Could it be that François Legault now agrees with this project to export liquefied natural gas and the 780-kilometer gas pipeline, a project led by American promoters who have already invested their precious billions in it? Whether the pollution is downstream or upstream, it is always pollution.

The government of Quebec may ask for the exclusivity of the government evaluation from federal leaders, but this request is not synonymous with a promise.

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