‘It’s already eight’ took advantage of this Tuesday the tribute of ‘Save me’ to Rocío Jurado taking to his set Gloria Camila Y Rosa Benito, a movement that served to sign a maximum audience with 15% and about 1.9 million viewers. On an important day for Rocío Carrasco, visibly moved during the special, Ortega Cano’s daughter did not bury the hatchet and launched a harsh attack against her sister.

“Maybe I get sneaky and I can throw a lot of haters on top of me,” Gloria Camila began by saying, aware that her words were going to give a lot to talk about: “Here the only one who is charging is my sister for having done that tribute. I’m sure that if I hadn’t charged, maybe those containers wouldn’t be opened. ”

“We are going to be a bit fair and we are not going to crush for not having gone. Not having gone does not mean wanting less or wanting more”Added the collaborator, who explained why she did not want to meet her sister in the corridors of Mediaset: “I arrived when she was already on set. Apart from the fact that it is not the time and it is not the place.”

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Gloria Camila also wanted to respond to the accusations of Joaquín Prat, who affirmed that both she and Rosa Benito had not attended the special program due to financial issues. “Do they have to pay you to go to a tribute to one of the most important people in your life?”asked the host of ‘The Ana Rosa program’.

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“That is totally untrue. At no time does it occur to me to charge for something that is done in tribute to my mother. We have always gone to tributes and, at least I, have not received money “, the gathering maintained while Rosa Benito agreed with him:” On the contrary, it has cost us money. ”


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