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Stirling is originally from Ontario, where he began his broadcasting career in Sudbury while attending Laurentian University. After stops in Toronto and Quebec City, Stirling headed west to Vancouver, where he has enjoyed a colorful and variety-filled career, listing the “Lotto Night in BC” event for 9 years on television as a prominent event. Since his return to CKNW in 2016, Stirling has hosted Weekend Mornings and Vancouver Consumer along with replacement jobs for most of his colleagues.

Stirling has taught at BCIT and Columbia Academy and lists sharing her experiences with students and those interested in streaming as a favorite activity. He designed his own “Introduction to Broadcasting and Media” course and remains in the curriculum.

Stirling enjoys traveling and free time with Carole and her dog Gracie. In 2021 he was invited to join the Half-Century Club of the BC Association of Broadcasters.

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