Global warming, a threat to our health

New warning on the impact of global warming: several hundred scientists are warning about the damage caused to our health and that of children.

A new warning on the impact of global warming. This time it emanates from several hundred scientists who warn about the damage caused to our health.

These specialists have all signed a column published in the largest medical journals. They evoke the known consequences of global warming: problems of dehydration during heat waves, respiratory and cardiac insufficiencies.

And then there are also other more devious pathologies: skin cancer, tropical infections such as dengue, pregnancy complications, mental disorders …

Sir Andrew Haines is a British epidemiologist and scholar.

“Most people see climate change as a threat to the environment, which is true of course. But it is also a threat to our health, to the health of today’s generations and those of tomorrow.

If we consider climate change as a threat to our health, then this should lead us all to make a real effort to reduce domestic gas emissions. “

In their forum, the scientists also underline how the most vulnerable people are the most exposed to the impact of climate change. Complications of pregnancy for pregnant women, increased fragility of children and the elderly …

Air pollution

“There are many advantages to moving towards a ‘carbon-free economy’, argues Sir Andrew Haines. This is not only to reduce global warming in general, it is also to reduce air pollution. Because a large part of this air pollution comes from the combustion of fossil fuels. “

Drawing a parallel with the global health crisis linked to Covid, the boss of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, emphasizes that if the coronavirus pandemic will end one day, on the other hand, there is no vaccine against the climate crisis.

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