Global National: December 23 | Watch news videos online

The provinces are breaking records with new cases of COVID-19 as the contagious variant of Omicron spreads. Quebec Prime Minister Francois Legault announced new restrictions on Wednesday, but as Mike Armstrong reports, this could be planning for the worst. The large number of Canadians contracting COVID-19 is causing officials to reconsider self-isolation protocols. Businesses are concerned that they will be short-staffed as infected people and their close contacts will have to isolate themselves. Jamie Mauracher explains. The United States is also experiencing a spike in COVID-19 cases at a time when hospitals were already struggling to keep up with Delta variant patients and, as Jackson Proskow reports, the spike is driving demand for testing. fast and some treatments. In Libya, voters were supposed to go to the polls on Friday in a much-anticipated presidential election, but after months of disputes over rules and candidates, the vote was postponed. Redmond Shannon has the story. Additionally, Mike Drolet looks at a recent Ipsos poll conducted for Global News, where Canadians reveal their choices about who should be on Santa’s naughty and nice lists.

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