Glasses bought on the Internet put to the test

The show team About your business put three pairs of glasses of different price points to the test.

Two pairs were purchased on the Internet, one for $125 and the other for $225.

The third pair was purchased from an optometrist.

The three pairs were analyzed according to several parameters, namely the strength of the prescription, the thickness of the lenses, the centering of the lenses, the overall appreciation when handling the glasses and the reflection of the glasses.

It’s the Dr Langis Michaud, director of the School of Optometry at the University of Montreal, who tested the glasses in his laboratory.

The tests were carried out blind. The Dr Michaud therefore had no idea of ​​the price of each of the pairs.

At the end of the analysis, it is the most expensive pair, and purchased from an optometrist, which wins the palm of Dr. Michaud.

“It meets most of the characteristics expected of a well-made frame and eyewear. Impeccable prescription, the centration respects 99% that of the patient. A frame of ophthalmic quality,” says the specialist.

According to him, the worst pair is the one bought on the Internet for $125.

“It does not meet any of the quality criteria. It’s “scrap””, launches the Dr Michaud.

The second pair bought on the Internet, the one at $225, is more in the middle of the pack, according to him.

The main problem is the incorrect centration of the lenses, which can cause eye strain and headaches for the wearer.

“We wouldn’t use it for long,” he believes.

The expertise of specialists

In the end, the Dr Michaud believes that the best thing to do is to go see a specialist when it comes time to buy a pair of glasses.

He explains that optometrists and ophthalmologists are trained to find quality glasses that meet the visual needs and budget of the patient.

Even if the prices on the Internet are attractive, it must be understood that the consumer has no guarantee of the quality of the product he will receive.

The Dr Michaud believes that by buying online, you also deprive yourself of professional advice, “which is essential to have quality glasses.”

“Otherwise, it’s visual fatigue, problems, concentration problems,” says the expert.

He explains that several warranty programs exist with optometrists to ensure that the frames and lenses purchased there last a long time.

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