Given his own record, Trudeau shouldn’t point fingers at anyone

Trudeau’s record of funding and supporting extremist elements, courting radicals is shameful.

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The man who once called a cabinet minister a “piece of sh**” is leading a parade of outrage that someone called him and his policies “wacko.”

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Justin Trudeau’s Liberals lost no time in fundraising off Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre being ejected from the House of Commons over Tuesday’s events.

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“Pierre Poilievre is trying to earn votes through personal attacks and name-calling,” the Liberals wrote in a hastily put together email to supporters.

“The lengths Pierre Poilievre will go to become prime minister is getting more concerning by the day.”

The Liberals ignored the fact that Trudeau called Poilievre “shameful” and “spineless” in the House of Commons on Tuesday. Trudeau also implied that Poilievre was a racist and bigot seeking the support of white nationalists.

It’s all fun and games, and fair, if the Liberals are doing it, but outrageous and unparliamentary if anyone but Trudeau is doing it. Not that this should surprise anyone, if Trudeau’s Liberals didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any at all.

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Trudeau’s behaviour in the Commons over the years has been abysmal and he has debased the House time and again, just like he did Tuesday.

In February 2022, asked a question about how he was fanning the flames of division, Trudeau replied to Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman that she stands “with people who wave swastikas.” Lantsman is a Jewish woman and the daughter of Holocaust survivors, it was a despicable response.

Despite being asked for an apology, Trudeau refused and left the chamber.

In 2016, Trudeau didn’t like the fact that MPs weren’t taking their seats quickly enough to his liking before a vote. He marched down the Chamber, grabbed the arm of Conservative Opposition Whip Gord Brown and elbowed NDP MP Ruth Ellen Braseau in the breast, telling other MPs to “get the f*** out of my way” while marching Brown to his seat.

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Again, that’s not something Trudeau ever apologized for.

He has been the subject of multiple ethics violations complaints and been found guilty of violating federal ethics laws. Trudeau personally interfered in the prosecution of a company facing corruption allegations to make things go away in the SNC-Lavalin affair.

This is a man who was briefed on China’s election interference in our country and did nothing. Just this week, MPs have learned that 18 Parliamentarians were targeted for hacking by China in 2021, the government has known since 2022 and none of the MPs, across all party lines were informed.

Trudeau has tried to paint his main opponent, Poilievre, as courting racists and extremists. Any serious evaluation of these allegations would show them to be false, the flailing attempt of a party down in the polls to seek relevance again.

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It’s worth noting that on Tuesday morning, another poll was released showing Poilievre’s Conservatives with a 20-point lead over Trudeau’s Liberals.

Desperate times call for desperate measures but maybe Trudeau should be careful about throwing around racism and extremism claims. Beyond admitting that he wore blackface more times than he can recall, Trudeau’s record on these issues isn’t spotty, it’s horrible.

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The Trudeau government’s vote at the United Nations last December saw Hamas thank Canada in a video greeting. Hamas is a banned terrorist group and has been for more than 20 years.

The Trudeau government continues to fund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, an organization that many of our allies have stopped funding due to terrorist links. Despite being shown the evidence that UNRWA workers and teachers took part in the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks, Trudeau resumed funding UNRWA as the Americans and other shut it down – he’s funding terrorism using your tax dollars.

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The Trudeau government employed Laith Marouf to provide anti-racism training despite his long and public record of anti-Semitic statements. The Trudeau government kept that funding in place despite knowing about his statement for some time before cutting ties.

And who can forget the Trudeau government inviting Jaspal Atwal, a man convicted of the attempted murder of an Indian government minister, to an official event and dinner with the Indian government in India.

Trudeau makes accusations about racism, bigotry and extremism but his track record is full on this front.

In fact, if Trudeau looked at his own record honestly, he might use the words he once used to describe Peter Kent.

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