Giró trusts the abstention of the PSC and the ‘comuns’ if the CUP vetoes the accounts

  • The ‘minister’ does not rule out a last offer to the anti-capitalists before his militancy discusses whether to present an amendment to the entirety

“Or budgets or budgets & rdquor; paraphrased the ‘minister’ of Economy, Jaume Giró, to the ‘ex-president’ Carles Puigdemont and his “referendum or referendum & rdquor; five years ago to express, with total conviction, that “Catalonia will have & rdquor; new accounts approved when 2022 begins.

How? “We are convinced that these are the best budgets that Catalonia can have and that the project will have enough support to move forward & rdquor ;, come from the only force with which they have sat down to negotiate for now, the CUP, either because “they are so good that I am sure there will be forces that, when they see them, will abstain & rdquor ;, in clear reference to the two parliamentary groups (the one of the PSC-Units and the ‘comuns’) that to date have offered their collaboration to the Government.

Everything is in the hands, then, of whatever the militancy of the anti-capitalists decides that it will hold assemblies this weekend and that it will vote between Monday and Tuesday if the party should present an amendment to the whole. “We have to wait. When we know the decision, we will act accordingly & rdquor ;, enigmatically sentenced the ‘minister’, without wanting to advance screens, but aware that there are groups that are willing to activate the conversations in the event that the CUP gets out of the equation.

Negotiation with the CUP

There is margin. And it is that Giró himself has admitted that even the assembly debate can negotiate new advances that tie up the anti-capitalists. Party sources affirm that they will put to a vote the last proposal they receive from the Government, that is, that there is still time to show hidden letters and thus tie the support of the nine anti-capitalist deputies.

“There are important issues [del acuerdo de investidura] included in the budgets and, in others, It may be that between now and Friday we can close a topic“, has slipped the head of Economy, showing his” maximum respect “for the internal deliberation process of the CUP. And this last offer may tip the balance, since the management ‘cupera’ expects some gesture from the Executiu so that their bases – more in favor of vetoing accounts than facilitating them – may change their position. If this does not happen, “we will act in a pertinent manner,” he warned.

Giró was clear in stating that the departure for housing, of 749 million euros, is not part of those pending fringes and, therefore, will not be increased. Yes there have been winks with the internalization of the emergency telephone number 061 and with the announcement to start tackling the creation of a public energy -for which for now there are only 500,000 euros budgeted that the CUP sees insufficient-.

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“We are convinced that these are the best budgets that Catalunya & rdquor; can have now,” Giró told the press. Before, in the presentation of the accounts before the social agents, Giró had even gone a little further when he pointed out that only in the case of being a “sovereign state & rdquor; the numbers would be better. In fact, he said “if we were, no opposition deputy would ask for a return to the state of subordination in which we live now & rdquor ;.

Faced with a possible maneuver by the opposition, Giró has warned that they would be “ashamed” for any party to take the budget project to the Council of Statutory Guarantees (CGE). “If that occurs, it would be a parliamentary filibustering maneuver because there is no objective reason for it to happen,” he has settled.

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