The girl who tragically lost her life in a terrible accident in London, Ontario earlier this week, which left nine other pedestrians, mostly children, injured, is being remembered by her family as “a bright and vivacious child with a sense of humor. “

Eight-year-old Alexandra Stemp was “a talented artist who loved her older brother with all her heart,” the Stemp family added in a statement sent to Global News.

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“Our family is devastated by the loss of Alexandra in such a tragic circumstance,” the statement continues.

“Our hearts go out to the Brownie leaders and to the other girl / parent volunteers who are still recovering from their injuries. There is no doubt that the emotional scars from Tuesday night’s events will take much longer to heal than any physical injury sustained. “

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8-year-old Alexandra Stemp was fatally injured in an accident in London, Ontario, on November 30, 2021.

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London police have said a 76-year-old woman driving west on Riverside Drive, approaching Wonderland Road, collided with a stopped vehicle at a red light, continued through the intersection, stepped onto a sidewalk, crashed into a utility pole and a small tree and then collided with a group of pedestrians at approximately 6:45 p.m. Tuesday.

In all, ten people between the ages of six and 40 were hospitalized. The driver did not require hospitalization, according to police.

London police confirmed the next day that an 8-year-old girl had succumbed to her injuries. A woman and five girls were in fair or good condition, while a teenager and two other girls had been discharged from the hospital, as of Wednesday afternoon.

Girl Guides of Canada confirmed that its members were among the pedestrians involved, but did not specify how many of its members were involved.

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Dad Club London co-founder Jeremy McCall says through the club he is connected to three of the families affected by Tuesday’s accident, including Alexandra’s father, James Stemp.

“He has been a member of our group for a long time, even though we have lost touch as his children get older and busier. He contacted me last night because we made a donation to his GoFundMe and he sent me as a truly heartfelt note of gratitude in the midst of all the pain in his family.

McCall and another friend will visit Stemp on Friday afternoon.

“One of the things I said was, you know, ‘These times are so unique and they’re so horrible and I have this overwhelming need to hold you right now.’ And he said, ‘I’d really like that.’

Of the other two families affected by the accident that McCall is connected to through Dad Club London, one is a family that recently immigrated from South Africa.

“Both the daughter and her mother were injured. The daughter is fine from what I understand. Mom was going to have a couple of surgeries. “

The other family had a daughter who suffered a broken leg and arm in the accident, as well as cuts and bruises. Since then, she has been released from the hospital, McCall said.

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“They are at home and they are doing well and they have simply asked that anyone who wants to support them, support the other families.”

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While Martha Scott did not personally know the family of the girl who died, she took action after learning of the tragic events.

“I decided that ‘when you don’t know what to say, do something nice,'” he told Global News.

“I am a mother and my daughter is also in Girl Guides. The story hit me really hard. I felt in my heart that I don’t need to be a family member to love this family. “

Scott started a GoFundMe campaign and was able to connect with Alexandra’s mother.

“He sent me the beautiful photo of Alexandra last night and indicated that they are ready to let the public know the name of their little girl so that she can be honored properly,” Scott explained.

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Mayor Ed Holder has issued a directive for London City Council and other municipal buildings to be lit in blue in memory of Stemp.

“The color blue, specifically a blue candle, is a symbol of friendship and togetherness for Guides around the world. As we pay tribute to the young woman and mourn with her family, I ask Londoners to also keep in their thoughts those who continue to recover in hospital, ”he said.

“Londoners who want to join in on this tribute can light a blue candle on their porch or hang something blue in their windows.”

Scott added that there is also a push for people to change their Facebook profile photo to a picture of a blue candle in their memory.

He says he will put his daughter’s Guide uniform in the window of his house.

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The Stemp family added in their statement that they “feel the love and support of our community.

“We want to express our appreciation to everyone who attended the scene; We congratulate them for their heroism, ”the statement continued.

“We would also like to express our appreciation to the police and emergency personnel for their help. To the LHSC staff, you are heroes. His compassionate care for our daughter and our family will never be forgotten. We request privacy as we try to heal after this tragedy. “

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The investigation into the crash is expected to take weeks, but London police have said no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed as of Thursday.

London police have repeatedly stated that there is no indication that it was an intentional act.

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