Ginés ‘Corregüela’: this is the ‘tiktoker’ of XXL sandwiches ‘soaked in oil’

  • The gardener from Jaén has turned the preparation of his giant sandwiches into a true viral phenomenon

  • ‘Corregüela’ has recorded a video for EL PERIÓDICO to show us his favorite sandwich

Gines Juan ‘Correguela’ (@ginescorreguela) is one of the characters of the moment on TikTok. Maybe his name doesn’t ring a bell, but thanks to your XXL sandwichesthis 52-year-old from Ubet has gone from having a few hundred followers and not knowing how to record a video with his mobile to having more than 840,000 fans in the social network par excellence of centennials.

Anyone who has seen a video of Ginés’ meals asks himself the same questions: Does he really eat those huge sandwiches? How should your cholesterol level be? And, above all, beyond those huge sandwiches, what is your daily diet based on? In EL PERIÓDICO we have chatted with him and we are going to answer all those questions throughout this report.

return to earth

Born in Ubeda (Jaen). Although, as he explains, the closest ties are with the population of Torreperogil; place of life and family residence. Is he eldest of five siblingsis married to the woman he met when he was 16 and is the father of two daughters.

This ‘agricultural influencer’ lives from the sale of vegetables that he plants on the family farm that he manages with his brother and also works as an irrigation employee on a farm. His whole family has always been dedicated to the garden. But he, for more than two decades, decided to work in construction. Over time, Ginés returned to his roots to give himself body and soul to the field. “The earth always pulls“, he states convinced.

The nickname ‘Corregüela’

His fatherwho has occasionally appeared in his viral TikTok videos, worked as a kid at the house of some gentlemen who organized monterías. “There is a herb called corregüela and that rabbits like very much,” explains Ginés. His father went to pick it every morning. “Antoñito, where are you going? Go for corregüela for the rabbits, he said… So one day after another until in the end they called him ‘el corregüela’ yeThe nickname has remained for the whole family“, Explains the influencer in an interview with this newspaper.

A star on TikTok

The first video of Ginés was published in August 2021 and it has nothing to do with what has made him popular: “It was summer and I had a lot of cucumbers planted. I wanted to record it but I didn’t know, so my wife and daughter helped me”. Seeing the dozens of comments that the video had, “Laura (her daughter) told me to open an account on Instagram and TikTok.”

It wasn’t until September that he arrived the first viral video thanks to its bestial sandwiches. “How I’m all day working in the field i need a hearty lunch but I can’t take hot food with me so I make myself a sandwich. I like it that have at least three or four ingredients”it states.

Authenticity and disinterest in monetizing their influence hooks their followers

The most varied recipes, from sandwiches with colacao, chocolate and donuts, or your favorite: magreta (about ten fillets) with six eggs and ham. Sweet or savory, this gastronomic feast has a common denominator: olive oil in large quantitieshis real weakness. “I open the bread and knock over the bottle of oil, let it soak”an expression that has already become a sign of identity in all his videos.


Today sandwich of chocolate oil and cola cao

♬ original sound – Ginés correguela

The secret of longevity

This gardener the first thing he does as soon as he gets up is drink a glass of water and a shot of olive oil. “My grandparents used to do it and they lived almost 100 years, my father still does it and he is over 80”, he says. Immediately he goes to the bar and drinks two or three coffees with churros, a ritual that he repeats every day since “he really likes talking to people.”

Next he goes to the fields to work, where he spends the whole day until the moment arrives, around 2 in the afternoon, to record the video on TikTok while he prepares the sandwich. And that’s when many wonder: does he really eat it all? Ginés is blunt: “Everyone who watches my live videos can verify that I eat the sandwich while I talk to my followersNo cheating or cardboard”.

Another of the doubts that arise is whether, swallowing such a sandwich that could feed several people, have an appetite for dinner. “I love stews and almost every night I eat a spoon dish, soup is never missing in my day to day,” she explains.

“Everyone can check that I eat the sandwich, there is no trick or cardboard”

Healthy as an oak

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Regarding his cholesterol levels, Ginés explains that he is pending a routine analysis which was conducted just a few hours after this interview. Of course, this garden influencer claims to be in splendid health and that his blood pressure is only a little high despite the significant amounts of eggs and oil that he consumes in his sandwiches. “I only use eggs from my chickens. They move freely around the pen, without stress, there is no way those eggs have cholesterol,” he explains. “I have come to drink twelve in one dayif the egg were bad I would already be dead”, he bluntly ditches.

Naturalness, the key to success

“What people see in the videos It is what I am, neither more nor lessanyone who knows me can confirm it”, explains the ubetense. His spontaneity and closeness with his followers have been key for Ginés to become a true influencer on social networks. Now that videos of him have become true viral hits, this farmer explains that there are already some brands that are starting to show interest in his ‘character’. But he, for the moment, affirms that he only plans to continue living life his way. How he has always done.

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