Gianni Infantino meets with AMLO to review the progress of the 2026 World Cup

The FIFA President, Giani Infantinomet this Thursday with the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to talk about the preparations for the 2026 World Cup that that country will organize in conjunction with the United States and Canada.

“The main objective of this conversation has to do with the next World Cup in 2026,” he said. Marcelo EbrardSecretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, after the meeting held at the National Palace, seat of the president’s office.

According to Ebrard, López Obrador informed Infantino that the work “is quite advanced, they are going to start a series of adaptations in stadiums.”

In the candidacy presented to FIFA for the organization of the World Cup 2026Mexico has three preliminary venues: the Aztec stadiumthe BBVA Stadium in Monterey, and the akron stadium in Guadalajara.

On his Twitter profile, AMLO He published that, although he will no longer be the Mexican head of state in 2026 because his term will end in 2024, “we will help in the time we have left to promote the happiness of the people and promote sports.”

During his visit, Infantino presented the president of Mexico with a blue FIFA jersey with the number 10 and the López Obrador surnames printed on the numbers.

Infantino in the Azteca stadium

In this visit to Mexico, Gianni Infantino has been accompanied by louis yonpresident of the Mexican Football Federation, and businessman Emilio Azcarraga Jeanowner of Televisa and the Mexican soccer team América.

After the visit to López Obrador, Infantino was transferred to the Azteca stadium, in the south of Mexico City.

Mexico is one of the most important countries on the world soccer map, it is a country with an incredible soccer history and culture,” Infantino said on the field of the Azteca stadium.

“For me, being in Mexico and being able to work with this country is fantastic, and not only for the next World Cup but for an expansion of soccer in North America with a global impact, it is something that I appreciate very much.”

The Swiss, head of the governing body of soccer, highlighted the hierarchy of the Azteca stadium for having hosted two World Cups, the one in 1970 and the one in 1986. From the first he recalled “the Match of the Century and Pelé’s Brazil, perhaps the team strongest in history.

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