Gertz Manero, the days numbered

While it is true that wiretapping is a crime, it is also true that on more than one occasion it has served to uncover other crimes. Such is the case of the dissemination of the telephone conversations between prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero and deputy attorney Juan Ramos López, which reveal the violation of the Organic Law of the Attorney General’s Office.

The dialogues between boss and subordinate, disclosed by the YouTube user called Psychoanalysis, are a demonstration that the doctor of law Gertz Manero —with academic, intellectual and political coats of arms— manages the cabroñol and has a dose of misogyny: “old asshole” He called Alejandra Cuevas Morán, 63 years old, imprisoned since Gertz arrived at the prosecution, daughter of the nonagenarian, currently on the run, Laura Morán, who was a partner for 50 years of the late Federico Gertz Manero; The two women were accused by the Attorney General of the Republic of the murder by omission of their brother.

Through the aforementioned telephone conversation, one finds out that Minister Alberto Pérez Dayán, improperly handed him the draft sentence that —supposedly— the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) will vote on the case mentioned above, project that it was not to the prosecutor’s liking because he concludes that “he is giving the magistrate of Mexico City the cake so that he releases her” (Mrs. Alejandra), which goes against Gertz’s will, which, it is inferred, he had arranged another type of sentence with Pérez Dayán: “That’s if he doesn’t have a fucking mother. And he wanted to see my face as an asshole and he still sends it to me to see if I realized it or not and see what I do.

In the aforementioned telephone conference, the prestige of the SJCN is also at stake when the prosecutor says: “If I have two or three (ministers) who say no. They stop huh! So, if you can put the fucking thing on it. Hey it was worth mothers!

On Monday morning, when questioned about the audios, President López Obrador said: “I did not listen to them, but I do have the basic information and I think that the Court has to resolve this case. I understand the personal, moral, human situation of the prosecutor because it is an issue related to his brother, I understand it, so he wants justice to be done. (That “justice” be done by abusing the power that your position grants you? It is not worth it).

In another order of shit —Gertz would say— a note by Diana Lastiri in the newspaper El Universal reports that the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) detected that the accounts of the University of the Americas, of which Gertz Manero was rector From 1995 to 2018, they served to send nearly 150 million pesos to bank accounts in the name of the prosecutor and his relatives in Mexico and abroad, including tax havens. The same FIU observed the possible conflict of interest of the head of the Attorney General’s Office and his groom, Deputy Attorney General Ramos López, in the reopening of the money laundering accusations of the members of the Mary Street Jenkins Foundation, owners of the mentioned house of studies.

Likewise, the president of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, confirmed that the still prosecutor will appear before that instance to explain what was said in the audios and clarify about the triangulations of money in his favor through the accounts of the University of the Americas.

All of the above suggests that Alejandro Gertz Manero’s days as Attorney General of the Republic are numbered.

Final point

Just as they ban bars near schools, they should ban gyms near tamale stands.

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