Germany: who negotiates what and with whom?

In Germany, the start of major maneuvers between parties to form a coalition. The Social Democratic Party is in the best position, but it will be necessary to reckon with the Greens and the Liberals.

In Germany, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) d “Olaf Scholz aspires to lead the next government, on the strength of its success in Sunday’s legislative elections, but with which partners will he form an essential coalition to govern: with environmentalists? with the Liberals? Everyone has their own prognosis and analysis.

And then there is the Conservative Party (CDU / CSU) which, in turn, suffered a heavy defeat on Sunday. But his leader does not admit defeat. Armin Laschet imagine very well opening discussions with other parties for – who knows? – achieve a majority.

The weight of the Greens and the Liberals

In fact, the ball is mainly in the court of the Greens, led by Annalena Baerbock, and by the Liberals of Christian Lindner. Their support being essential to any pretender to the chancellery, they will be able to set their conditions.

This is what is at stake in the negotiations which will take place in the coming weeks.

Moreover, as of Monday, the Greens and the Liberals announced the opening of exploratory discussions to determine with which parties they would be ready to cooperate.

How long will it take to reach a coalition agreement? This Monday, the head of the SPD said he wanted to get there before Christmas.

Until then, the power remains in the hands of the Chancellor Angela Merkel, who manages the day-to-day business, pending the appointment of his successor.

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